The 5 Basic Steps to Focus Your Mind and Achieve ANYTHING You Desire

The 5 Basic Steps to Focus Your Mind and Achieve ANYTHING You Desire

The 5 Basic Steps to Focus Your Mind and Achieve ANYTHING You Desire

Richard Branson does it! Elon Musk does it! Every successful entrepreneur in America does it…and you can too if you want to! | 5 Basic Steps to Focus Your Mind

They all attribute their monumental success to becoming experts at focusing their minds toward the results they most desire in their lives.

The good news is, the process isn’t complicated! Anyone can do it. Unfortunately, few entrepreneurs take the time to master this discipline. But maybe you will!

I have done these things every day for over a decade, and I have helped my clients do it as well. I can tell you with 100% certainty that they work.

The only variable to you achieving the highest version of your success is how committed you are to achieving it.

To succeed at focusing your mind towards rapid achievement, you’ll need to dedicate yourself to learning and implementing what I am about to share with you. 

My clients pay me between $30,000-$70,000 a year for this and other valuable information, but I’m giving it to you here for free. 

Below, I’ve outlined my 5 Basic Steps to Focus Your Mind. In this process, you can achieve absolutely anything you desire. 

I’ve seen it happen over and over again, both in my life and the lives of my clients. 

STEP 1: Self Ideal

Start by recognizing that your perception of yourself fluctuates from moment to moment. This is called your Self Ideal.

You may think you’re wonderful one moment, and then you make a mistake, and in the next moment, you believe you’re a complete failure or fraud.

It’s a strange, but true fact of how humans think. What it means, however, is that you cannot trust your thinking 100% of the time. It tends to lie to you.

This is perfectly normal. However, once you’ve taken the dive deep into self-introspection, you will begin to have more mastery over those errant thoughts. 

You will notice that things are going along great. You’re happy, productive, and getting tasks done at a reasonable speed.

Then, all of a sudden, it’s as you hit a brick wall.

Maybe you made a mistake that cost you some money, or perhaps someone got angry with you, and it got under your skin. Whatever it is, suddenly, your motivation and self-evaluation shift. 

Your Self Ideal shifts from you being a great person on top of the world to being the scum of the earth who can’t get anything right.

STEP 2: Self Concept

The Self Ideals that last the longes begin to take hold and form your Self Concept. This is the lasting belief of who you are that gets firmly placed in your consciousness.

As you go through your week, monitoring your negative and positive thoughts, notice which ones are the most persistent. They are likely to be formulating your Self Concept. 

If those thoughts are positive, wonderful! Let them grow, and you’re guaranteed to flourish! If the thoughts are negative, you must challenge and change them, or you are likely to become debilitated.

To explain this better, imagine you begin letting yourself procrastinate on important projects (or maybe you already do).

Since they aren’t due until the end of the month, you keep pushing it off. At first by a day, then one week, and then two weeks.

At the end of the month, you’re crunched for time. Where do your thoughts go? Do you say to yourself, “See? I knew I was a lazy person. I’m worthless!” 

Or do you say instead, “Wow, looks like I better work on my scheduling so this doesn’t happen again?”

Your Self Concept drives your reactions to your behavior. Not the other way around. What you believe about yourself shows up in your reactions to your choices.

STEP 3: Everyday Attitude

Now that you have an awareness of your Self Concept, you can recognize your Everyday Attitude. This is less about what you believe and more about how you react. 

If you believe yourself to be a failure, you will collect that evidence and live in a negative Everyday Attitude. You will push away potential clients, drive your failures deeper and make your attitude more and more unappealing to others, 

Whether you work in an office or from the confines of your home, if you show up every day in a lousy mood, already miserable before the day has even begun, you’re never going to achieve the success you are seeking.

On the other hand, when you have a positive Self Concept, you’re likely to show up with a positive Everyday Attitude regardless of the circumstances around you. With this attitude, you’ll be infinitely more adapted at handling difficult situations and have greater overall productivity. 

Bad things happen, even to good people.

But it’s your attitude about those things that drive you towards happiness or away from it.

STEP 4: Your Behavior

Your Everyday Attitude affects the way you show up in the world. Your Behavior affects how others around you relate to and perceive you.

More accurately, your behavior is what drives your non-verbal communication. These are things like your body language, the tone of your voice (not the words you say), and even the expressions on your face. 

Your Behavior is what people call your “vibe.” It is picked up by anyone who comes near you.

As a basic example of this, imagine showing up to work every day with a lousy attitude.

Perhaps you’re not angry or upset at anything in particular, but your friends, co-workers, and employers can feel it all around you.

We don’t like to think that we wear our feelings and emotions on the outside of our bodies, but in fact, we do. They are incredibly transparent.

This is precisely why it’s crucial to understand that your attitude drives Your Behavior. It is your behavior that can make all the difference between success and failure.

All of this brings us to the final step.

STEP 5: Your Results

Your life and everything in it is a direct reflection of all four of the previous steps. 

Just as a building is only as good as its foundation, your life and business results are only as good as your foundational qualities. 

It is this model of who you are that creates all of Your Results.

The results of the most successful people in the world are 100% driven by how they have created their self-perception.

Am I saying that Niel Armstrong successfully landed on the moon because of his self-perception and not because of his skill and training? 

Am I saying that Edmond Hillary made it to the top of Mt. Everest because of what he thought about himself and not his strength and determination? 

Yes and YES!

Armstrong, Hillary, Jobs, Musk, Mother Theresia, Dr. King, and all the other great achievers in history would have achieved nothing if it all didn’t start with the Self Ideal that they could.

Everything you create in life begins with your ideas. 

While Your Results are the reflection of your hard work, they are also directly linked to a mindset of immense positivity and unbridled enthusiasm for you as a person. 

Every introspective step I have shared with you combines in an ultimate act of conspiracy to produce The Results of your life.

In short, if you want to know what you think of yourself, look at your results (any results), and you will have an immediate answer.

Yes, it’s as simple as that!

Let’s review the Five Essential Steps to Focusing Your Mind to Achieve Absolutely Anything You Desire:

#1: Start by recognizing your Self Ideal and the way your mind fluctuates on how you perceive yourself.

#2: Challenge any harmful Self Ideals and allow your positive Self Ideals to grow and flourish into your Self Concept.

#3: Your Everyday Attitude will then become a direct reflection of how you perceive yourself based on your Self Ideal and Self Concept.

#4: Your Behavior is how others will perceive you and are directly tied to your attitude.

#5: Lastly, Your Results are a direct correlation to the previous steps. Take those steps in a positive light, and you’ll get positive results. 

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