Learning to Embrace the Unpredictability of Life

Learning to Embrace the Unpredictability of Life
Learning to Embrace the Unpredictability of Life

Learning to Embrace the Unpredictability of Life

Life is full of surprises! There will always be unexpected problems that you can’t prevent from happening. But, with the correct attitude, you have the potential to surpass the many surprises that life throws at you. 

A Brick Through the Window of Your Mind

Imagine waking up to a crashing sound in the middle of your sleep. You discover that someone threw a brick through the front window of your home. Suddenly, you are overwhelmed by the powerful emotions of fear and anger.  

You are consumed by the newfound problem that appeared out of nowhere. Naturally, you start to worry. You imagine more problems and nasty surprises in the future. 

You put that brick on your desk as a memento of life’s unpredictability.

Staring at that brick, you become more cautious, less confident, and less trusting. The world is now a more dangerous place. You feel less certain, and your fear turns into misery.

Your approach to life has changed for the worse. While you know that agonizing over a single event is useless, it’s hard to stop worrying. But you also realize that waiting for life to become predictable and certain will never happen. 

New Choices. New Thinking. New Freedom!

So you choose to reframe the brick crashing through your window as a force for good. You decide that, even though you might not see it in the moment, there is a valuable lesson in the experience. You just have to find it.

So you pick up that brick, examine it, and to your surprise, you discover that it’s not a brick at all, but a GOLD BAR painted to look like a brick.

This is what happens when you examine the bricks that life throws at you. 

Your struggles, your failures, and even when you are mistreated, all these experiences carry within them valuable lessons you can use to rocket yourself forward in life. 

While failures may be terrifically painful at the time, there is a gold bar hidden in just about every one of them. You just need the courage to examine these experiences and learn from them. 

Beyond Success & Failure

It is our failures that equip us with the necessary wisdom to succeed. Failures are the fuel for our future success. When you recognize the wealth and value uncertainty offers, you start seeing life as a teacher of valuable lessons, not a setter of traps.

The trick is to surrender to the truth of life’s unpredictability and accept uncertainty as part of the great experience of life

Only then will you find your golden brick inside the kernel of every failure.

Wake Up and Cash In On Your Crashes 

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