Deep inside lives an unstoppable version of YOU.

“When I started working with Coach Dan, everything changed. I felt more powerful and confident than ever before.”

Let's talk Money!

When it comes to business, money is the most important thing. Making more money reduces your stress, allows you to hire people, and gives you more free time.

Like the gas (or electricity) in your car, money makes your business move.

Starting in our first session, I’ll show you how to increase your income. We’ll work on your sales process, your pipeline, and I’ll give you tools to close more business right away.

Most coaches say that your results depend on you. Instead, I take 100% responsibility for increasing your income. I have a long history of getting my clients paid back on their investments within the first two or three months of our coaching work.

We don’t waste time discussing plans, filling out charts, or talking about accountability. Rather, I take you on a deep dive into how you’re limiting your growth. I also track your income to ensure your program produces tangible results.

My style is bold and direct. I’m definitely not for everyone. But if the idea of pursuing the next greatest version of YOU sounds exciting, CLICK HERE the button below to set up a no-cost consultation.

Please note I’ll never try to sell you on my coaching during our first call. But I will show you just how GREAT you can be!

What are Coach Dan's clients saying?

Trevor - Seminar Leader

In our work together, Trevor went from being a mid-ranked speaker in his company to number one, tripling his income!

Alona Real Estate

Breaking into the real estate business in Los Angeles is tough! Together we honed her sales skills and created a winning approach that clients loved! Her career skyrocketed!

Michael wanted more income and free time. We automated systems to decrease his hours and rebranded his firm to attract high-paying clients.

Fast results for Impatient People.

If you’re anything like me, you want big results right away. That’s why we hit the ground running from the moment we start your coaching program! First, we look at how you are preventing yourself from being more successful and creating more income. Then we implement an action plan where you practice better ways of selling, reaching new customers, and promoting yourself as an industry expert in your field. You will find that I am more committed to your success than any other coach you’ve ever worked with– or perhaps anyone else you know. The fact is, there’s an unstoppable, enthusiastic version of you living deep down inside, and I want you to experience yourself as that person ASAP! So if you’re a badass entrepreneur and get excited by success and transformation, CLICK below to book a no-cost, no-catch Intro Chat. Please note I’ll never try to sell you on my coaching during our first call. But I will show you just how GREAT you can be!

The Five Steps to Discovering Your BADASS Self

For over two decades, I have consistently provided massive results for my clients. I’m proud to say that all my clients have gone on to live happier, more fulfilled, and more successful lives because of our work together.

I simply don’t know of any other coach with my track record.

Below are the Five Steps of my coaching program. I developed these steps in working with thousands of clients. If my process sounds interesting to you, CLICK below to book a no-cost, no-catch Intro Chat with me.

Let me give you a glimpse of living life, BADASS!

Hover over each step to learn more

step 1 Key Question

Coach Dan asks a series of Key Questions to help draw out the belief systems that are holding you back.

Step 2 Exploration

We go on an Exploration to identify everything you want and all the areas in your life for potential growth.

Step 3 Challenge Profile

Coach Dan creates a Challenge Profile, targeting specific areas to start that will produce the fastest results.

Step 4 Bold New Direction

In the Bold New Direction, you take on new challenges to discover what you’re truly capable of achieving!

Step 5 Your Badass Self

Emerging as your BADASS Self, you experience a new level of confidence, determination, and courage you never knew existed.

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