Badass Coaching for Startups and C-Executives

Deep inside lives an unstoppable version of YOU.

Deep inside lives
an unstoppable
version of YOU.

“We needed B2B sales coaching. Coach Dan set the entire sales team on fire. Our revenue exploded!

Do you feel like you’re on an island, alone?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, realtor, startup, or leading a team of a thousand, being in business is often a very lonely place.

You never know if you’re making the right decisions. You worry too much and procrastinate too often. You need don’t who do you trust?

I’ve had the joy of helping over a thousand entrepreneurs achieve the kind of success they never imagined possible. How did I do it?

My approach to business coaching, executive mentoring, and executive team coaching all starts with a deep dive into your thinking– how it drives your actions (and resistance).

Nothing great
happens alone

Every entrepreneur is the biggest block to their own success. I’ll help you obliterate those blocks and set your business life on fire! You’ll be surprised how fast you start achieving great new success.

Click below to book a no-cost, no-catch Quick Chat. I won’t try to sell you anything, I but I will show you a glimpse of how badass your life can be!

What are Coach Dan's clients saying?

Trevor - Seminar Leader

“Coach Dan took me from being a mid-ranked speaker to number one in my company. I tripled my income and loved every second of it.”

Alona - Real Estate

“LA real estate is a tough business. Coach Dan showed me a secret key to unlocking my potential and growing my sales. My career skyrocketed!

“I wanted more income and free time. Coach Dan helped me create automated systems to decrease my hours and attract high-paying clients.”

Fast results for Impatient People.

Most people say that change has to happen slowly. I say that’s bullsh*t!

When we start coaching, you hit the ground running!

In the first week, you’ll notice that you’re approaching challenging situations much more easily. Then, with some executive communication coaching, you’ll find that

The big problems you used to struggle
with will seem to resolve themselves.

Life will be less stressful, more fun, and you’ll see a clear path to significant income.

After a month of executive coaching, you may look back at your previous self and wonder, “Who was that person?”

The fact is, deep down, lives an unstoppable version of you. I want you to see what that feels like as quickly as possible.

Click below to book a no-cost, no-catch Quick Chat. I won’t try to sell you anything, I but I will show you a glimpse of how badass your life can be!


Yes! Money is the lifeblood of your business. It powers and sustains everything you do. Money reduces stress, gives you more freedom, and the life you deserve.

Starting with our first session, I’ll give you sales prospecting training to increase your income. We’ll discuss your sales process, pipeline, and tools to close business fast.

As your coach, I take full responsibility
for increasing your income.

Most all my clients get paid back on their investment with me in the first three months of coaching. That’s because we get right to work on your success.

When we dive into executive presence coaching, we blast through your blocks, track your income, and achieve results you may not have thought possible.

My style is bold and direct. I’m definitely not for everyone. But if you’re ready to unlock the greatest version of you, I will show you how to get you there!

Money is the lifeblood of your business

Money is the
lifeblood of
your business

Your Brain: Friend or Enemy?

Your thinking can limit your success

Your thinking
can limit your

Your entrepreneurial brain takes you to some pretty amazing places. You dream bigger, achieve more, and say YES to the scary things most people wouldn’t even consider. So why aren’t you “there” yet?

It’s because your best thinking also limits your success.

When faced with hard choices, your brain
turns to fear, stress, and hesitation.

The fact is, if you want to fulfill your dreams, you need another brain in your game– someone to pump your world with new ideas, solutions, and strategies.

If you’re ready to unleash the greatest YOU, click below to book a no-cost, no-catch call. Let’s turn your brain up to 11 and see how badass your life can be!

The Five Steps to Discovering Your BADASS Self

For over two decades, my clients have enjoyed massive results. I’m proud to say that they all have gone on to live happier, more fulfilled, and more successful lives because of our work together.

But even with an excellent track record, I’m always working on new ways to be even more effective for my clients.

Below are the Five Steps I developed while working with over a thousand entrepreneurs. This process has worked every time with every client to bring them into living a life of unlimited success and fulfillment.

Check it out. Then click below to book a no-cost, no-catch Quick Chat with me, and we can discuss what that life looks like for you. I won’t try to sell you anything, I but I will show you a glimpse of how badass your life can be!

Hover over each step to learn more

Five Step Process 1

Coach Dan asks a series of Key Questions to draw out the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

We go on an Exploration of everything you want and uncover your potential for unlimited growth.

Coach Dan creates a Challenge Profile, targeting specific areas that will produce the fastest results.

In the Bold New Direction, you take on new challenges to discover what you’re truly capable of achieving!

You emerge as your Badass Self, with a new confidence, determination, and courage you never knew existed.

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