5 Steps to Beating Procrastination EVERY Time!

5 Steps to Beating Procrastination EVERY Time!

Five Steps to Beating Procrastination EVERY Time!

Why do you procrastinate?

Is it because you’re lazy? Is it because you don’t want to be productive and get things done?


You procrastinate for one reason and one reason alone. Procrastination feels good!

It feels good to trick yourself into a false sense of security that you have an infinite about of time to reach your goals.

Let’s do a little experiment right now, okay? Think of a big task that you’d like to accomplish, but it feels so daunting or unfamiliar you really don’t want to begin.

But now, you have to start on it IMMEDIATELY. Ready? Go!

Painful, right?

Now let’s see what happens when you add a touch of procrastination to the equation. Instantly, you feel a sense of ease. The pain goes away, and it feels like you can breathe.

Putting It Off Until… NEVER

Let’s take that a step further. 

Imagine now that you put it off to next week. Now put it off to next month. Now put it off further, even into next year.

Let’s say you NEVER have to work on it. In fact, now I’m taking it away from you and never allowing you to work in it. 

Hold on. What’s happening now?

Suddenly that good feeling doesn’t feel good, does it?

It was okay to put it off temporarily. It felt good to put off starting your business, quitting your job, losing weight, or breaking up with that jerk for at least a little while. But never? No, that’s not okay.

Living In A Fantasy World

You would think that freedom for all your responsibilities would feel good, but it doesn’t. 

Strange how the pain of NEVER being able to do what you want to do actually feels a little worse than not the pain of having to do it NOW.

Why is that? It’s a little trick that happens inside your brain.

You create a fantasy world where you see yourself in the future. All your complex tasks are now completed, but somehow they happened without you doing the work.

You magically transport yourself into a world where you are a successful business owner who is rich, thin, and no longer dating that jerk.

This is the fantasy we create. We hold it just one step outside of our willingness to begin. 

Like a child staring at a snow globe, it’s a land we dream of inhabiting but have zero strategies to get there.

We keep it just close enough to remind ourselves of where we want to be.

Yet, at the same time, we keep it just far away enough so we can avoid judging ourselves as lazy failures for not doing the work to make it happen.

Don’t Wait Till the Pain is Excruciating!

When your fear of not doing something becomes much more significant than your fear of doing it, you immediately take action.

You have experienced this many times before

You say, “That’s it! I’ve had enough of this job, this extra weight, this lack of income, or this jerk. I’m starting NOW!”

You stop procrastinating and begin.

Unfortunately, when things get to this point, you aren’t doing it for the excitement—not doing it for the joy—not doing it out of your enthusiasm for life.

You’re doing it out of pain. In actuality, you’re bashing the pain of not taking action against the pain of taking action until one pain beats out the other.

What’s the keyword there? Pain!

Now, stop and ask yourself, “What’s the likelihood of success when I do something out of pain? Do I have a high chance to succeed or a low chance to succeed?”

It’s obvious, right? 

But let’s say instead, you could turn all that fear and all that pain into a giant ball of joy and excitement. 

Don’t you think that would be an infinitely better strategy for success? 

How To Procrastinate Procrastinating

The easiest way to get to work on your dreams today is to stop procrastinating and start procrastinating your procrastination.

To do this, you’re going to use a tool you are already an expert at. What is it?

Procrastination, of course!

You can use that same thinking that you use to put things off and instead make it work for you to start tackling your dreams TODAY!

If it feels good to put things off, maybe it can feel even better to take action NOW.

Rewrite your fantasy world!

Instead of putting the joy into having completed your tasks without doing the work, move all the joy into doing the tasks. The fun is in the DOING!

Retain your brain. Tell yourself over and over again– “Completed tasks are BORING.” 

Soon you’ll recognize that getting started on those big uncomfortable tasks isn’t as daunting as you thought. 

Everything is more complicated in your mind and easier in real life.

I can teach you an entire skill set for leveraging your procrastination to make it work for you instead of constantly working against you. Interested? Great!

Conquering Your Procrastination And Getting Things Done TODAY!

Before we get you there, let’s review a few truths about procrastination and why we do it:

  1.  It feels good to put things off – We procrastinate because it feels good to delay difficult things since we believe that we still have plenty of time to complete them.
  2. We build a fantasy world – There is a magical place in our minds where we have achieved all of our hopes and dreams without taking the uncomfortable step of starting the work. 
  3. Fear and pain hurt your chances of success – When the anxiety of not doing something loses the fight with the anxiety of doing it, even though you take action, you are starting down the path of failure.
  4. Procrastination is a powerful tool – You can still procrastinate, but rather than it working against you, you can use it as a tool to move closer to your goals!
  5. Rewrite your fantasy world! – Instead of putting the joy into having completed your tasks, move all the joy into doing the tasks. Retain yourself by saying, “Completed tasks are BORING.”

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