Need a Motivational Keynote Speaker who delivers massive ROI?

“As a leadership keynote speaker, he gave us more than our money’s worth. Even did an extra session with our leader team.”

No one wants to hear a speaker. They want to be inspired.

Today, just about everyone calls themselves a speaker. So, how do you find the right one for your audience?

Not only is Coach Dan an international trainer, three-time author, sales keynote speaker, and expert in conscious leadership but he’s also been at this for a while (two decades) and has mastered the art of transforming lives.

A speaker must know how to captivate an audience, tell compelling stories, and take the room on an emotional journey. This is where true motivation happens.

Mindset Motivation

Coach Dan’s raw enthusiasm on stage keeps your audience engaged, inspired, and connected instead of on their phones. He is relentless in delivering supreme value to your group and organization to maximize your ROI.

Organizations Coach Dan has served include Legacy Education Alliance, The Women’s Economic Forum, LeTip International, The ManKind Project, Teen Cancer America, and many others.

Resources for Meeting Planners

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Why meeting planners love working with Coach Dan.

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    Coach Dan brings tremendous innovation to every keynote. He starts by brainstorming ideas for your group’s needs and what they will respond to best. He personalizes the experience for each presentation to deliver maximum ROI.

    Whether you need a virtual keynote speaker or in-person, Coach Dan shows up early to practice and prep with your tech team. He always ensures a valuable, engaging, and no-glitch presentation.
    Coach Dan is easy to work with– never a diva and loves delivering extras. Need more Q&A time? Meet-and-greets? A breakout session? Just ask! He also offers audiences a digital download of his speaker notes, slides, and session summary.

    Coach Dan has a passion for providing massive value with reasonable fees. It’s why he’s widely known as the meeting planner’s best friend. CLICK HERE to book a call with Coach Dan to see if he is a good fit for your group.

Need Help Keying-Up Your Keynote?

Canned Speeches? Not on your life!

Instead of a “signature” talk, Coach Dan has an arsenal of topics to inspire and motivate your group. Each can be shaped and enhanced to fit your objectives perfectly. Check out his most popular subjects below, or click the button to see them all.


  • Eliminating the Fear of Failure

    Can fear or failure really be eliminated? YES! Coach Dan offers a blueprint for transforming fear into motivation.

  • Unleash Your Inner SUPERHERO!

    Coach Dan takes your group on a wild ride of stepping out of their comfort zone to take bold and immediate action.

  • Authentic Leadership

    Great leaders don’t lead. They inspire. Coach Dan helps your team build leadership skills based on authenticity and heart.

How working with Coach Dan works.

Coach Dan leaves nothing to chance. From your initial call to the audience ovation, he has locked down every step of creating a world-class program for your group. See his process illustrated below.

We do a Deep Dive to identify your objectives for the keynote and share ideas for delivering that message in compelling and entertaining ways.
Your keynote is built from the ground up specifically for your audience. On-site rehearsals with your tech team ensure a flawless, glitch-free presentation.
We discuss if the keynote met your expectations. Coach Dan offers insights on next steps to help your group implement all they learned.

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