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“Coach Dan is a great writer! I love his style. ‘Jumping the Gap’ changed my entire perspective on taking risks.”

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Jumping the Gap Kill Your
Story & Take ACTION!

Behind every, “I can’t,” is a story that’s holding you back. Learn how to get into an action-oriented mindset!

Selling is Bullsh*t: Sell Like a Badass, Not Like a Douche!

The ultimate guide for becoming a masters in sales. Written for entrepreneurs who HATE selling.

10 Tips to Choosing a Great Business Coach

How do choose the best coach for you? Read this to avoid scam coaches and get great business coaching tips!

10 Tips for Making Super
Easy Sales

Learn how to approach your prospects authentically. It’s selling made simple when you come from the heart!

Success Mindset: An Audio Book

This audio book helps you train your brain to cultivating a success mindset. Use your mind to transform your income.

10 Tips to Being Your Own Champion

If you don’t believe you’re extraordinary, no one else will. Cultivate a mindset of self-worth and achievement.

Increase Your Sales by 60% in 60 Days

This guide shows you sales target achievement. Go from average sales to closing more business than ever!

10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of ChatGPT

Is ChatGPT going to take your job? Not on my watch! Harness the exciting world of AI for productivity and profit!

10 Tips for Picking a Great Speaker

There are a lot of terrible speakers out there. Use these tips for selecting a great speaker who’s perfect for your audience!

3 Steps to Outrageous Abundance

Abundance and happiness takes more than just wishing. Use this daily practice for achieving your life and business goals.

10 Weight Loss Myths For Business Execs

I lost 60 pounds in just 6 months. Learn my secrets of executive health and wellness that radically changed my business life.

10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Success

Becoming more successful is amazingly uncomplicated! Learn these ten simple steps to ultimate self-empowerment.

Achieve 100% of Your Badass Goals

Want to reach every goal you set? In this guide of goal-setting mastery, I’ll show you how to set the right goals for you.

Getting Awesome Video Testimonials

Video testimonials promote your business like nothing else. Learn the art of asking for video testimonials and getting them!

How to Find the Best Virtual Assistants

Want to offload all your boring tasks to someone else? Learn expert tips for hiring VAs in this simple guide.

How to Make Friends with your Fears

Embracing fears is a must for achieving your goals in life and business. This guide shows you how to do it!

10 Essential Skills for Every Great Coach

Think you’re a great coach? Take a look and see. These are the 10 must-have skills for every great coach.

10 FREE Ways to Become Super Successful

Reaching is never easy but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Explore these 10 ways to boost your success at no cost.

10 Simple Rules for Writing an Awesome eBook.

In writing over 50 books I learned a few things about cranking out quality content fast! Here’s all my secrets!

10 Steps to Launching a World-Class Podcast

Want to start a podcast but it seems too complex? I break it down into 10 simple steps anyone can follow.

10 Ways to Make Your Business Make More $$$

As an entrepreneur, you must always work to increase your business income. Here’s my best money-making tips.

How to be a World-Class Podcast Guest

Guesting on podcasts is great for self promotion. Here’s how to be a guest that everyone wants on their show.