“As an entrepreneur, you are a superhero! You push through struggle, you overcome failure, and you serve the world.”

There’s something inside of you that just won’t quit.

What's quit?

You probably don’t even realize it because it’s written in your DNA.

While most people run away from their fears, you face them down. No matter what, you keep moving in the direction of your dreams. The simple fact is…

You’re so used to being courageous that you don’t recognize how rare and unique it is.

For over two decades, I’ve worked with over a thousand bold entrepreneurs just like you. I’ve shown them how to supercharge their natural abilities and achieve the new success they want faster than they imagined possible.

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What are Coach Dan's clients saying?

Alicia - Fashion Entrepreneur

“Coach Dan transformed how I run my business. He showed me how to manage people, sell, better, negotiate and lots more. I owe him everything!

Jessicah - Therapist

“I was close to giving up. Coach Dan taught me to treat my practice like a business and see myself as a powerful businesswoman.”

Mark - Civil Litigation

“Most business coaches as full of sh*t. Coach Dan is the real deal. He’s not for everyone, but if you have the guts, he will change your life, guaranteed!

Fast Results for Impatient People.

If you’re like me, you don’t like waiting for anything! That’s why, from our first session, we hit the ground running.

We look at all the ways you are preventing yourself from achieving the success you want.

Like everyone, you have outdated beliefs that act like a boat anchor attached to your leg. Once we remove it, your life goes into hyperdrive!

You will find I am more committed to your success than any coach you’ve met– or maybe anyone else. I know that there’s an unstoppable version of you living deep down. When I show you that person, you will be astounded!

For now, click below to book a no-cost, no-catch Quick Chat. I won’t try to sell you anything, I but I will show you a glimpse of how badass your life can be!

Turn your
life up to 11

Why I Hate (most) Coaches & You Should Too

"Hey Bro, it's
all on you."

I’m sorry to say that most coaches out there are terrible. And I should know because I’ve hired a bunch of them. I wasted a lot of money learning how to tell a great coach from a bad one. All you have to do is ask them one question:

“How will you make sure I get paid back for what I’m paying you?”

If they say it’s about you working hard, they are either a half-wit or a con artist. Run! All great coaches take responsibility for your success. If you’re not getting results, they adjust their style to your needs. They don’t blame or shame you.

I make sure my clients get paid back by helping them sell better and earn what they deserve. Cool, right? If that sounds interesting, let’s chat. I won’t try to make you a client, but I will give you a taste of how badass your life can be!

The Five Steps to Discovering Your BADASS Self

For over two decades, my clients have enjoyed massive results. I’m proud to say that they all have gone on to live happier, more fulfilled, and more successful lives because of our work together.

But even with an excellent track record, I’m always working on new ways to be even more effective for my clients.

Below are the Five Steps I developed while working with over a thousand entrepreneurs. This process has worked every time with every client to bring them into living a life of unlimited success and fulfillment.

Check it out. Then click below to book a no-cost, no-catch Quick Chat with me, and we can discuss what that life looks like for you. I won’t try to sell you anything, I but I will show you a glimpse of how badass your life can be!

Hover over each step to learn more

Five Step Process 1

Coach Dan asks a series of Key Questions to draw out the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

We go on an Exploration of everything you want and uncover your potential for unlimited growth.

Coach Dan creates a Challenge Profile, targeting specific areas that will produce the fastest results.

In the Bold New Direction, you take on new challenges to discover what you’re truly capable of achieving!

You emerge as your Badass Self, with a new confidence, determination, and courage you never knew existed.

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