Time To Switch To a Life of No Excuses

Time To Switch To a Life of No Excuses
Time To Switch To a Life of No Excuses

Time To Switch To a Life of No Excuses

Do you know what’s stopping you from bringing positive change in your life?

Excuse me, but it is your excuses that are stunting your growth. 

Let me explain it to you.

I wasted the first part of my life in excuse-making. Although it made my life easier, it kept me from accomplishing everything I wanted. 

Psychologists call it self-handicapping behavior. It made me unmotivated and limited my ability to achieve my true potential.

Instead of taking action, I would subconsciously create excuses

However, with a little conscious effort, I became a recovering excuse maker by learning the art of transforming excuses into opportunities

Getting Away From the Habit of Making Excuses

Your mind believes whatever you tell it to believe. If you feed it with excuses, you will end up with excuses. Your mind comes up with excuses to prevent failures because you have conditioned it this way.  Old habits die hard. But you have the power to change what you think and what you do. Changing your excuse-making behavior can be challenging but not impossible. All you need is a little motivation and willpower. 

Let me give you an example:

Suppose I ask you to enroll in a $20,000 program that will grow your income exponentially. You want to enroll in the program, but you have only $10,000. You would probably tell yourself that you can’t afford it now, but just as soon as you have the money, you’ll sign up immediately.

While this sounds like a perfectly reasonable explanation, in reality, it is an excuse that you have manufactured to avoid feeling challenged.

I know what you’re thinking. “It’s NOT an excuse. I DON’T have the money!”

On the other hand, let’s say you needed a life-saving kidney transplant. The transplant would also cost you $20,000. Would you allow yourself to die over a mere $10,000? I hope not! Rather than making excuses, you would beg, borrow, and might even steal to save your life. 

While you might not think it’s a fair comparison, you can’t deny the fundamental truths. In the exact same financial circumstances, your choices can be radically different based on nothing but your motivation.  

Stop Limiting Yourself in a World of Unlimited Possibilities

You need to raise your self-awareness to recognize when you are making excuses. You deserve to be proud of your life and achieving something substantial. 

Don’t use excuses to live in limited thinking. When you free yourself of your limiting beliefs, immediately, your world and your success become unlimited. 

Instead of doubting yourself, step out of your comfort zone. Develop the courage to shed your excuses and become successful. 

My Journey From Business Failure to a Business Coach

I booked my first paid speaking gig only eight months after failing in business. I managed to achieve my objective by making a choice rather than an excuse. Despite failing in my business, I ignored all the perfectly reasonable explanations not to be a business coach.

Today, not only have I reached great success as a business coach, I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve greater success in their lives as well. Instead, if I had lived in my excuses, I would have helped no one.

Control Your Destiny

If you genuinely want to become the master of your destiny and live a meaningful life, CLICK HERE to book a 15-minute, no-cost, no-stress consultation with me.

I will help you step into a NO-excuse zone and become the greatest version of yourself. 

Or simply text the word HELP to my cell phone at (213)409-8366.

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