Can customized corporate training actually be fun?
Oh, yeah. Big time!

Can customized corporate training actually be fun?
Oh, yeah. Big time!

“Coach Dan had us on our feet doing role plays and working together. Lots of action instead of note-taking.”

YES! Workshops that actually work.

Whether it’s facilitation training, emotional intelligence, authentic selling, or conflict resolution (without needing HR), Dan Gordon Enterprise, LLC has you covered.

For over two decades, we’ve helped teams bond, connect deeper, and communicate from the heart.

In virtual classroom training or on-site live programs, Coach Dan leads participants in role-plays that result in open communication and respectful relationships. We do the deep work that creates lasting change for your organization.

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Unleash Your
Team's Power

What exactly do we do?

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Mindset Training
for big results

Our workshops aren’t magic. Participants don’t come in broken and leave fixed. Instead, they explore the thoughts and behaviors that contribute to their struggles.

We place a strong focus on personal responsibility.
“How do you create the experiences you don’t like?”

We follow this proven method in all our programs. We have seen tremendous success in each conflict resolution workshop, effective communication workshop, productivity workshop, and many more.

If you’d like to explore how Coach Dan Gordon can help your team become a powerful force of collaboration, click below to book a Quick Chat.

Our Most Popular Workshops

Servant Leadership

Leading with heart and


Taking the stress out
of success.

Custom-built programs, fun and interactive. Available in three formats.

You need it? We build it! Our background in personal development training means that all of our programs are fun, relatable, and highly interactive. Our process gives you long-term results to maximize your ROI. Your team leaves each training with actionable skills, not just a pile of notes. We offer:

Live or Virtual Training Classes

Always fun and interactive, our programs open up vast new levels of communication, cooperation, and productivity. Programs can be half-day, full-day, or multi-session. Available on/off-site or virtually.

Facilitator Training Courses

Give your team leaders the skills to resolve personality issues and design their own programs for your people. We provide your leaders with the training, tools, and insight for powerful facilitation.

Self-Guided Trainings

We build video modules, workbooks, and program guides delivered through a private portal for virtual Training Classes. Your team can study at their own pace and schedule. Live help is always available as needed.

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