What if your team loved being challenged and held accountable?

“Coach Dan had us on our feet immediately doing role plays and working together. Lots of action instead of note-taking.”

Workshops that actually work.

In a Coach Dan workshop, your group isn’t forced to sit through a barrage of boring flipcharts and PowerPoints.

Participants are quickly up on their feet, doing role-playing exercises, improving communication, and digging into the deep work that brings about lasting change.

For over two decades, Coach Dan has designed workshops to help teams become more productive, feel more connected, and resolve conflicts without needing HR.

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Our Most Popular Workshops

Image: Super Hero Sales & Networking Workshop in Progress

Super Hero Sales & Networking

This is NOT just another sales training! It’s a communication model that opens doors, creates trust, and closes deals!

"Image: Presentation & Public Speaking Workshop in Progress

Presentation & Public Speaking

Speak to a room of 7 or 700 without batting an eye! Feel a bold new confidence on stage and experience the fun of inspiring your audience.

Image: Breakthrough Moment in Our Transformative Workshop

Breakthrough Creativity

Get excited to take on challenges, generate new ideas like a firehose, and watch your team’s creative thinking explodes!

See What Happens in Our Workshop

Video: Jumpstart Marketing Workshop Highlights

Custom-built programs, fun and interactive. Available in three formats.

On/Off Site or Virtual Custom Workshops

Always fun and interactive, our programs open up vast new levels of communication, cooperation, and productivity. Programs can be half day, full day, or multi-session. Available on/off-site or virtually.

Train-the-Trainer Facilitation

Give your team leaders the skills to resolve personality issues and design their own programs for your people. We provide your leaders with the training, tools, and insight for powerful facilitation.

On-Line Training Programs

We build video modules, workbooks, and program guides delivered through a private portal. Your team can study at their own pace and schedule. Live help is always available as needed.

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