The 3 Rockstar Tools of Business Networking

The 3 Rockstar Tools of Business Networking

The 3 Rockstar Tools of Business Networking

When it comes to growing your business, one of the most important skills to master is networking.  Social media’s great, but if you don’t develop the ability to effectively speak with people face to face, you will never achieve the success you are seeking. Here are my 3 Rockstar Tools of Business Networking. 

Rockstar Tool One:

Be INTERESTING. Don’t just introduce yourself as social media expert or business coach or real estate agent. It’s boring! Moreover, there are zillions of you out there

If you’re going to grab people’s attention, you must be interesting. When people ask me what I do, I say, “I’m a professional troublemaker.” They laugh. Their eyes light up. They get engaged. 

Come up with an interesting way to introduce yourself and they’ll put all their attention on you.

Rockstar Tool Two:

Let Them Talk FIRST. Don’t just jump in and bla-bla-bla your way through the conversation with your elevator pitch. 

The simple fact is, people will always be more interested in themselves than they will be in you. Even if they ask what you do, they’re really just waiting for their turn to talk. 

So let them talk first. And while they’re talking, listen for specific ways your product can fill their needs. Ask pointed questions that will help you learn more about them. 

Then, when it’s your turn to talk, discuss all those places that your product can make their life better. This is why you MUST let them talk FIRST.

Rockstar Tool Three:

Be ENTHUSIASTIC: Talk about your business with passion and excitement. Talk about ALL the people you have helped, the people you have made happier, or more successful. 

Let them see how you are in LOVE with your business not for the money, but for all the ways you bring goodness to the world. Be ENTHUSIASTIC about what you do

Taking The Next Step

When you use my Three Rockstar Tools for Business Networking people will be excited to talk with you, connect with you and most of all do business with you. 

If this has been helpful, you can download this and all my tools for success by just texting the word SUCCESS to my personal cell phone 213-409-8366. 

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See how good it feels to close more deals!

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