How to Never EVER Getting Scammed (Again)

How to Never EVER Getting Scammed (Again)

If you’ve ever been taken advantage of or scammed, you know how frustrating it feels. It’s not just the loss of money. It’s the anger of being duped. No one likes getting ripped off.

Scams happen when our own desires betray us. We get a little lost in what we want.

There are five stages that occur when getting scammed. Learn them so you can stop yourself and never be taken advantage of again.

The Five Stages of a Scam

Stage 1) You believe that something will make you happy.

We all want things. The problem is when we start believing that we simply can’t be happy without it. This opens you up to do something you wouldn’t normally do to get what you want. A scam artist looks for people like this and uses their desires against them.

Stage 2) You become completely fixated on getting what you want.

Scam artists feed your fixation. They make you believe that only they can provide you with what you desire. It makes them seem trustworthy. They create an artificial sense of urgency, and you believe they hold the key. You want it right away. This thrill overrides your logical mind, making you say YES.

Stage 3) You’re afraid you’ll lose out if you don’t take immediate action.

Scam artists use your fear of missing out to control you. This feeling of desperation motivates you to take action even when the voice inside tells you to stop. They tell you the good deal won’t last, or someone else will get it first.

Stage 4) The thing you want has an unusual price tag.

A scam artist will price things in an unusual way. If the cost is unusually high, it seems like it’s more valuable. If the cost is unusually low, it feels like you’re getting a special deal. Usually, unusual prices will make us hesitate, but scammers know how to abuse our trust.

Stage 5) You avoid seeking advice from the people you trust.

A good scam artist will pre-game you, saying that your friends will try to talk you out of it because they don’t understand or they are jealous. So you avoid people you trust who will tell you not to buy. You start believing the scam artist more than yourself. It all seems to make perfect sense until it all blows up in your face in the end.

Scam artists play on people’s emotions, not their intellect. That’s why scams are equal opportunity offenders.

Regardless of your background or status, anyone is susceptible. But fear not, I have a simple way to avoid your own emotional traps that scam artists use against you.

The Three Scam Stoppers

Stopper 1) Remember that wanting is NOT the same as needing.

Okay, so you want something really bad. Unless it’s air, food, or water, you don’t need it.  The more you believe that something will make you happy, the more open you are to being scammed. No matter what, you don’t need anything to make you happy.

Stopper 2) Wait, wait, wait…then negotiate.

Never buy something under pressure. Wait for your excitement to die down. If they say it’s a limited offer, come back later and say you want the special price. Most people will do just about anything to make a sale. Also, do a Google search. Learn more about it. If you find it cheaper, use that price to negotiate a better deal for you.

Stopper 3) Ask for advice from people you trust.

Don’t listen to testimonials. They are often scripted or fake. Only take advice from people you know and trust. They can provide great questions you haven’t thought of. Ask the seller and see how they respond. If they show resistance or act offended, they are likely pushing a scam on you. Walk away!

Sadly, I know many people who have been scammed by coaches they thought were honest people. That’s why I always work hard to provide my clients with excellent and effective coaching. It’s absolutely essential to me.

I’m truly honored that 100% of my clients have reported that their business lives have improved dramatically after just ten sessions.

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