The Five Steps for Focusing Your Mind to Achieve ANYTHING You Desire

The Five Steps for Focusing Your Mind to Achieve ANYTHING You Desire

Richard Branson does it! Elon Musk does it! Every successful entrepreneur in America does it, and you can too!

They all attribute their monumental success to becoming experts at focusing their minds toward the results they most desire. The good news is, the process isn’t complicated. Anyone can do it.

Here are the steps below. I have done them every day for over a decade and can definitely tell you they work!

1. Self Ideal:

Start by recognizing that how you think of yourself fluctuates from moment to moment. You may believe you are wonderful in one moment and a complete failure in the next. This means that you cannot 100% trust your own thinking.

2. Self Concept:

Monitor the negative Self Ideal thoughts that are the most persistent. If they go unchallenged, those thoughts will likely develop into a lasting concept of who you believe yourself to be. Conversely, if they are positive, let them grow!

3. Your Attitude:

With your Self Concept now in place, your everyday Attitude will be driven by how you see yourself. If you believe yourself to be a failure, you will collect that evidence and live in a negative attitude that will push away potential clients and drive your failure deeper.

4. Your Behavior:

Your Attitude is now driving the way you show up in the world – Your Behavior. This controls the way you relate to others and how people perceive you. It drives your non-verbal communication like body language that puts your “vibe” out to anyone who comes near you.

5. Your Results:

Your life and everything in is a direct reflection of all the previous steps. This model of who you are, now creates all of your results. It is as if you have set up the chessboard of your life. Did you put your king in checkmate, or did you set up the board to WIN? Your Results and the results of the most successful people in the world are 100% driven by how you have created yourself in your own perception.

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