A Complete 100% Simple Solution to Conquer ALL Your FEARS

A Complete 100% Simple Solution to Conquer ALL Your FEARS

A Complete 100% Simple Solution for Conquering ALL Your FEARS

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you look at your fears as something you need to defeat and overcome. 

This is true. 

However, the best strategy for handling your fears is to stop looking at them as your enemy. 

Your fears keep you sharp and alert you to potential danger in your life. You don’t want to defeat them. You want them to start working for you.

Embracing Your Fears

We tend to see our fears as a weakness of character. But that’s not true! Our fear is a part of the brain’s self-preservation system. It’s why you look both ways before crossing the street or why you don’t loan your stoner friends any money.

So, where did this all begin? Well, it all started about 2 million years ago when we still lived in caves. Back then, when we found a route from our cave to the watering hole that was safe from any saber-toothed tigers, that was the path we took every time.

If we ever considered taking another path to the watering hole, we would instantly start imagining little mind movies featuring us getting eaten by a tiger. We would be filled with fear and go right back to our trusted route in no time. 

Now, flash-forward a couple of million years. 

We’ve traded in our little caves for homes, but we still have that same self-preservation system driving us. Instead of finding a path to a watering hole, we’re seeking a path to financial security. 

We naturally want to take the safest route to get there, but that will never get us the huge success we are seeking. As entrepreneurs, we must want more! 

Yet, when we think about taking financial risks, our self-preservation system kicks in as if there is a saber-toothed tiger around the corner. 

The little voice says, “Do not take risks. Stay with what you know because that is safe.” 

Your resistance to taking risks is not because you’re lazy or you have weak character; it’s because you have core wiring that says doing anything new might kill you. 

The more you push yourself towards something new, the more the fear pushes back to stop you. So what do you do? Consider this…

The Importance of Your Fears

Here are the Five Truths About Fears. Remember these when it’s time to take ACTION. They will help override the scary mind movies that tell you to stop. 

  1. Fear will always be present in your life. It cannot be permanently conquered or overcome.
  2. The feeling of fear comes from the anticipation of doing something bold, not from actually taking bold actions.
  3. The best way to overcome fear is to take immediate action on whatever the fear is telling you NOT to do.
  4. Taking actions repeatedly on your fears reduces your fear response. Eventually, the feeling of fear starts to go away.
  5. Hesitation will always make you more fearful than taking action. The more you hesitate, the more your fear KEEPS control of you. 

Taking The Next Step

Understanding that your fears are not a bad thing is only the first step. 

The next step is to take action! 

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