How to BEAT Your Addiction to NOT Take BIGGER Risks!

How to BEAT Your Addiction to NOT Take BIGGER Risks!

How to BEAT Your Addiction to NOT Take BIGGER Risks!

Most entrepreneurs love the idea of operating their own businesses. Just like you, they want to forge their own paths and be the masters of their own worlds. 

In leaving the cubical crowd behind, you step into an exciting new universe. Yet, it’s a universe that’s also filled with unexpected problems and dangers.

Big Risks vs. Playing It Safe

Being an entrepreneur is a lot like winning a ticket to Disneyland. That ticket only gets you into the park. Once you’re there, you have to decide which kind of rides to take.

Do you choose something exciting like Space Mountain? Or do you play it safe with the Teacup Ride?

The bigger the risks you take in life, the more exciting the opportunities, and the more potential growth there is for your business. 

So why do most entrepreneurs only go on the Teacup Ride, never taking full advantage of all the park offers?

It’s because they are addicted to playing it safe.

Unfortunately, you might be addicted to that, too. It’s an addiction you MUST break if you are going to find the success you are seeking.

Sure, Space Mountain is exciting, but it can also be terrifying and make you sick. The same is true with the risks associated with growing your business. 

Killing The Comfort Zone

I discovered a way to break this addiction a few years ago when I was attempting to lose 30 pounds of body fat. Years of sitting in front of the computer had caught up with me!

I discovered that losing weight isn’t really about losing weight. It’s about a willingness to be uncomfortable and allowing yourself to feel that for an extended period of time. 

Every time I felt hungry or I missed eating pizzas, I would say to myself, “Ah, there it is again. My discomfort. Sorry, I’m just not going to listen to you today.”

Eventually, I broke my addiction to being comfortable. I stopped being hungry, and the pounds melted away!

You can use the same methodology when it comes time to step up to a big challenge or risk in your life. 

Focus not on your fear but on your desire to feel comfortable. If you repeatedly choose not to give in to your comfort addiction, it will eventually go away. 

Breaking The Cycle

I get it! Investing a lot of money or signing a contract is frightening. There are a multitude of things that can go wrong. 

 But the simple fact is that you’ve already come so far in life. You’ve beaten the odds and paid the entrance fee into Entrepreneurland. 

Don’t stop now!

Every time you’re faced with a big, risky decision, take a moment to ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Why exactly am I so afraid? 
  • Why am I doing this in the first place? 
  • What does my heart say to do? 
  • If I don’t do this now, will I come to regret it later?

The only way to break your addiction to playing it safe is to take immediate action and ride the most thrilling rides in the park. Take action on the next GREAT opportunity that gets put in front of you. 

Here’s one now!

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