Michael Chekian

I’m Michael Chekian, a Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney, and I’ve got to share how Coach Dan Gordon has been a game-changer for me. For several years, Coach Dan has been more than just a business coach; he’s been my strategic and motivational compass. There was this one time, in particular, when Coach Dan helped me through a tough fee negotiation with an aggressive lawyer.

Dan has this uncanny ability to cut through the BS and deliver results. His advice put an extra $15,000 in my pocket.

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Nicole Johnson

Business Consultant's Business Expansion

With Coach Dan, you’re not just learning; you’re evolving.
Business Consultant Nicole Johnson endorses Coach Dan Gordon, highlighting the evolutionary nature of his coaching.

Shiva Ghalchi


He helped me rise to the top in banking. I recommend him.
Shiva Ghalchi, a professional banker, provides a testimonial praising Coach Dan Gordon's advice that positioned her where she wanted to be in her career.

Jamsheed Bokhoor


I always respect his valuable advice for my jewelry business.
Jamsheed Bokhoor, a jeweler, appears in professional attire to give his testimony on Coach Dan Gordon's valuable business advice.