Jamsheed Bokhoor

I’m Jamsheed Bokhoor, a jeweler in downtown Los Angeles. I have immense respect for Coach Dan Gordon. His advice and insights have touched me on a deeply personal level.

I have deep respect and gratitude for the guidance that he has given me.

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Latest Testimonials

Nicole Johnson

Business Consultant's Business Expansion

With Coach Dan, you’re not just learning; you’re evolving.
Business Consultant Nicole Johnson endorses Coach Dan Gordon, highlighting the evolutionary nature of his coaching.

Shiva Ghalchi


He helped me rise to the top in banking. I recommend him.
Shiva Ghalchi, a professional banker, provides a testimonial praising Coach Dan Gordon's advice that positioned her where she wanted to be in her career.

Joel Drazner

Resilience Coach

Dan is the embodiment of motivation. He lifts others up.
Joel Drazner, a resilience coach, dressed in a smart casual outfit, gives a testimonial emphasizing Coach Dan Gordon's motivational spirit.