Nicole Johnson

I’m Nicole Johnson, and my venture into Coach Dan Gordon’s branding workshop was a revelation. It wasn’t merely educational; it was a voyage of discovery and development. Having the chance to collaborate closely with Coach Dan, I was able to identify the real hurdles blocking my brand’s advancement.

The insights I gained from the workshop were monumental, equipping me with effective strategies to elevate my brand. My experience is a testament to the transformative impact of Coach Dan’s mentorship, enhancing both my business acumen and marketing prowess. I wholeheartedly recommend Coach Dan to anyone looking to take their brand to the next level. With Coach Dan, the journey isn’t just about learning; it’s about evolving.

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Latest Testimonials

Shiva Ghalchi


He helped me rise to the top in banking. I recommend him.
Shiva Ghalchi, a professional banker, provides a testimonial praising Coach Dan Gordon's advice that positioned her where she wanted to be in her career.

Jamsheed Bokhoor


I always respect his valuable advice for my jewelry business.
Jamsheed Bokhoor, a jeweler, appears in professional attire to give his testimony on Coach Dan Gordon's valuable business advice.

Joel Drazner

Resilience Coach

Dan is the embodiment of motivation. He lifts others up.
Joel Drazner, a resilience coach, dressed in a smart casual outfit, gives a testimonial emphasizing Coach Dan Gordon's motivational spirit.