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Shock to the System is a podcast created by Coach Dan Gordon to inspire his audience to take on new challenges, step into their fears, and achieve the highest levels of personal greatness!

Coach Dan uncovers the mindsets of America’s highest achievers, revealing their secrets to provide listeners with a blueprint for living a life of unparalleled success. 

Dan is relentless in seeking out the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, offering them a forum for sharing the knowledge of all they learned on their harrowing journey to the top of their careers.

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Glenn Stearns
The Undercover Billionaire

Glenn Stearns | The Undercover Billionaire

Where would you start if you had just 90 days to build a million-dollar million business?

In this episode of Shock to the System, Coach Dan Gordon probes the mind of Glenn Stearns, The Undercover Billionaire. Glenn discusses his rags-to-riches secrets that put him at the top of the mortgage industry. <READ MORE>

In his early twenties, Glenn found himself sitting on a bench in Los Angeles wondering what to do with his life. Spying a beautiful mansion, he boldly approached the man in the front yard and asked him how he made his millions.

“Señor,” the man said, “I’m just the gardener but I think the owner is in real estate.”

Inspired by this one encounter, Glenn went on to create one of the most successful mortgage companies in America, Stearns Lending. In his most recent adventure, Glenn was the star of the Discovery Channel’s reality show, “Undercover Billionaire.” Here, he was dropped into a small town under an assumed identity and tasked with building a million-dollar business from scratch in just 90 days, starting with nothing but a hundred dollars and a beat-up truck. Glenn discusses the entire experience, his struggles, triumphs and secret stories that never made it on the show. Glenn also discussed his latest venture, Kind Lending, a new identity in the wholesale lending and mortgage business.

Ernie Singleton
The Platinum Touch

Ernie Singleton | The Platinum Touch

He quit his accounting job to revolutionize Motown and put Hip Hop on the map!

In this episode of Shock to the System Coach Dan Gordon probes the mind of Ernie Singleton. A man who revolutionized Motown and put Hip Hop on the map! Ernie studied accounting at Southern University while working as a DJ at New Orleans’ <READ MORE>

WBOK. Upon graduating he couldn’t get a job in accounting & decided to return to his first love of music.

Ernie then moved from being a DJ to a record promoter for Fantasy Records where he had record-breaking success in promoting their artists. Mercury Records got wind of Ernie, hired him on the spot, and gave him an extensive roster of Gold and Platinum R&B artists to promote.

His reputation for success then landed him a job with Casablanca Records in 1977 at the height of the disco era, representing artists like Donna Summer, Cher, and the Village People.

1984, he was hired at MCA/Universal where Ernie helped artists such as Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight, and Mary J. Blige gain their foothold in fame. He also helped a young intern named Shawn Combs evolve into Puff Daddy and guided his career to become CEO of Bad Boy Records.

Ernie was then lured away to Warner Brothers Records in 1987 where he worked with artists such as Prince and Madonna. There he single-handedly reactivated their Reprise Records label and made it so successful Warner went from number seven in the industry to number one.

In 1990 MCA/Universal offered Ernie the coveted position of Head of their Urban Music Division. There he helped bring Hip-Hop to a mainstream consumer audience.
Over the course of his career, Ernie Singleton helped cultivate heavy-hitting acts such as Patti LaBelle, Prince, Gladys Knight, Quincy Jones, and many, MANY others. Ernie also persuaded MTV to feature a hip-hop artist on their awards show for the first time. With over 150 Gold and Platinum records to his credit, it is no surprise that he widely referred to as “The man with the platinum touch!”

Today he is the president and CEO of Singleton Entertainment, an entertainment consulting company, and has launched a podcast called “My Business Is Pleasure”

Phil Quartararo
Music’s Marketing Guru

Phil Quartararo | Music’s Marketing Guru

Started Virgin Records and went on to change an industry that didn’t want to be changed! In this episode of Shock to the System Coach Dan Gordon probes the mind of Phil Quartararo, the music industry’s marketing genius. Phil Q left a high-paying career to join a young Richard Branson in starting Virgin Records. <READ MORE>

Phil shares how he went on to make household names of U2 and The Spice Girls and how he completely revamped how the music industry markets its artists to the world.

Phil Q has been one of the most influential people in the music business for the last 40+ years. Unless you’re in the music business you may have never heard of him. Phil launched Virgin Records in 1986 with Sir Richard Branson where Phil served as CEO. He was then CEO of Warner Records, EMI, Rhythm Nation. He has personally worked with artists including Linkin Park, Josh Groban, Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Cher, Eric Clapton, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith Hill, Goo Goo Dolls, Green Day, The Spice Girls, Janet Jackson, and many, MANY others! 

Phil was named Billboard’s Music Executive of the Year and is regarded as THE thought leader on branding music artists. Phil Q is also widely known as a defender of artist rights. He worked tirelessly to protect them where many tried to take advantage of them. 

Today Phil is President and Chairman of The Hello Group. An agency committed to pioneering a new age of talent management. And if that weren’t enough, Phil gives generously of his time sitting on the boards of the Grammy Foundation, Syracuse University, Cedar Sinai Hospital, City of Hope, and the T J Martell Foundation which is the music industry’s largest funding for cancer research.

Mark Cronin
Reality TV’s Surreal Star

Mark Cronin | Reality TV’s Surreal Star

How did a frustrated engineer transform his life to become Hollywood’s hottest producer?

In this episode of Shock to the System, Coach Dan Gordon probes the mind of Mark Cronin, Reality TV’s superstar producer. How did a frustrated engineer transform his life to become Hollywood’s hottest producer? <READ MORE>

When you hate your life bad enough, you’ll do anything to follow a dream. Mark Cronin engineered his way out of a dead-end job and into one of Hollywood’s most lucrative power-positions. Hear his story of success and how he created over 44 different TV shows including The Surreal Life.

Have you ever said to yourself, “Hey, I have a great idea for a TV show?” A lot of people have. My guest today not only said that but he actually created a TV show. And more than that, but he created a kind of show no one had ever seen before. And more than that, he went on to create a total of 44 TV shows. Not 44 episodes of a show. We’re talking 44 different TV shows. 

Mark Cronin is one of Hollywood’s most successful and television producers. He is widely credited with co-creating a new version of reality TV called celeb-reality when he created the show “The Surreal Life” in 2003.

Mark’s path to Hollywood began with a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. From there he went into marketing. Then he chose to take the bold step of pursuing his dream career and started writing for television for Nick-at-Nite. I 

Mark then became a writer and producer for “The Howard Stern Show.” Then moved to MTV and became head writer for the dating show “Singled Out.” Mark then created his own game show for Comedy Central called “Beat the Geeks.”

From there, Mark started cranking out successful reality show after successful reality show. His work is credited for single-handedly saving the cable channel VH1 as well as setting ratings records across the board for both network and cable TV. Most recently, Mark developed Bravo’s highest-rated series, “Below Deck,” a sort of Downton Abbey on the high seas, now in its eighth season.

Today Mark Cronin runs his company Little Wooden Boat Productions where he’s still at it, making groundbreaking television. So we’re going to find out all about Mark, how he made it big in Hollywood, what it takes to be a creative innovator and so much more.

Lucy Hall & RiKarlo Handy
Tore-up from the floor-up

Lucy Hall & RiKarlo Handy

A harrowing journey from crack addict to sobriety’s savior for hundreds of women.

In this episode of Shock to the System, Coach Dan Gordon probes the minds of Lucy Hall, Sobriety’s Savior & RiKarlo Handy, Documentary Filmmaker, learning their secrets of success and triumph over adversity and devastation. <READ MORE>

Lucy is the Founder and CEO of Mary Hall Freedom House. Since 1996 Lucy has helped over 10,000 women and children break their addiction, to poverty, to homelessness to drugs but even more so, break the addiction from the internal story that says, “I can’t.”

Lucy Hall shares her harrowing story of how she found salvation at the edge of addiction and death. Hear the story of how she came back from being “tore-up from the floor-up” to create the Mary Hall Freedom House, where she has become sobriety’s savior for hundreds of addicted women, saving hundreds of addicts from a horrific fate.

Lucy is the subject of a new documentary called Hope Village which was produced by my other guest, Rikarlo Handy. You’re going to want to listen to what Lucy has to say because she is going to tell you how she has helped all these people break their addiction and get past their story.

So if she can help those people, Lucy’s going to have some really unique insight into helping you too.

My other guest is Rikarlo Handy. Rikarlo is a superstar in the entertainment world here in LA. He started working in the film industry at just 14 years old. By 18 he was directing music videos, commercials, films.

Rikarlo found a higher calling than just cranking out entertainment. With his company Sunwise Media, Rikarlo makes films that inspire social change with stories about people doing amazing things in the world. Rikarlo made a documentary called Hope Village about Lucy Hall going from addict to creating the Mary Hall Freedom House and serving all those people.

Stormy Simon
From Secretary to CEO

Stormy Simon | From Secretary to CEO

Stormy Simon - From Secretary to CEO of Overstock.com on Shock to the System - The Entrepreneur’s Podcast with Coach Dan Gordon

How did a single mom on food stamps become CEO of the first $2 billion online retail sensation?

In this episode of Shock to the System, Coach Dan Gordon probes the mind of Stormy Simon, a woman who went from a single mom on food stamps to become CEO of the first $2 billion online retail sensation!

Stormy Simon - From Secretary to CEO of Overstock.com on Shock to the System - The Entrepreneur’s Podcast with Coach Dan Gordon

At 21, Stormy was a destitute single mother with no hope for the future. Yet, less than a decade later, she was President of a $2 billion online retailer and setting standards still used today.

Stormy is the former president of the $2B company Overstock.com. There she completely revolutionized their Branding, their Marketing, their Customer Service. So much so that her results were copied by just about every other online retailer on the planet. Under her guidance, Overstock was named to Forbes’ list of “America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies.” Stormy is also responsible for growing the ranks of female executives at Overstock from 7% to 33%.

Stormy is the arch-a-type of an unconventional leader. She never went to college. Never went to business school. And yet Story has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNBC, Fox Business and did I mention she was also president of a $2 billion company? All this- without ever having to take out a student loan. Take that university education.

Stormy followed her passion into the business world of Cannabis where she has been revolutionizing that industry as well. In 2017 Stormy joined the board of High Times Magazine, one of the leading global brands in cannabis culture and a personal favorite of mine when I was in high school.

Today, Stormy serves on the board of Mission Green, a nonprofit working to free non-violent cannabis offenders from prison. She volunteers her time at Columbus Community Center, which provides jobs to adults with mental disabilities. She also serves on the boards of YWCA, Boys & Girls Club, and is a longtime supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit supporting wounded active duty service members, and veterans.

In addition, Stormy has a new podcast called, “Lunch with Stormy: Liberty Lunch Edition.”

John Shin
A Mindset of Success!

John Shin | A Mindset of Success!

One of America’s most successful insurance tycoons creates the movie “Think & Grow Rich – The Legacy.”

In this episode of Shock to the System, Coach Dan Gordon probes the mind of John Shin, a first- generation Korean-American who went from poverty to phenomenal wealth using the principles from the book, Think & Grow Rich.  <READ MORE>

John Shin’s parents came to America with a dream of wealth that was never fully realized. Yet, as a young man, John discovered Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think & Grow Rich. Using what he learned from that book, John went on to start over 26 different companies from scratch, with every one of them becoming multi-million-dollar enterprises.

Sir John, as he is known today, is the ultimate rags-to-riches success story. He knows the secret for transforming thinking from a mindset of sacristy to a mindset of wealthy abundance.

He has not only built exponential wealth for himself but he has also taught literally thousands of people how to follow in his footsteps as part of his financial services company called Axianta where he has opened over 128 offices in 42 different states. John is an amazing speaker. You have never seen someone hold an audience like John. He is an amazing author, having written the book “How Rich Asians Think” which is his own interpretation of Think & Grow Rich.

Sir John is such a believer in Think & Grow Rich that he created and produced the movie “Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy.” Because he wanted to share these important business concepts with the world. In fact, a lot of people wanted to make this movie but John is the only person the Napoleon Hill Foundation trusted to turn this great book into a film.

Now when he’s not creating wealth he’s giving back. Sir John is also the co-founder of the All For One Foundation which is an international charity helping to change children’s lives through health and education. Further, he sits on over 6 different boards of other charities.