Jeff Apploff

Join Coach Dan Gordon as he dives into the world of television with the innovative Jeff Apploff, the mastermind behind iconic shows like Don’t Forget the Lyrics and Beat Shazam. Discover how Jeff turns everyday experiences into global entertainment phenomena and learn his secrets for creating compelling TV. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to learn from the best, this episode is a must listen! Get inspired by Jeff’s journey, his successes, and how he handles failure. Get a free copy of Dan’s book to kickstart your extraordinary life!

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: How do you know what people want to watch on TV?
A1: Jeff explains that he starts with everyday activities people already do, like singing along to music, and then amplifies them to create engaging TV shows.
Q2: What is the key to making a successful game show?
A2: Jeff emphasizes building a story around the game, ensuring viewers connect emotionally with the contestants.
Q3: How do you handle failures in your career?
A3: Jeff shares that failures are invaluable learning experiences. He takes full responsibility and focuses on finding solutions rather than blaming others.
Q4: How did you get into the television industry?
A4: Jeff recounts how he transitioned from various careers into TV by leveraging his creativity and determination despite having no prior experience or connections in Hollywood.
Q5: What advice do you have for entrepreneurs facing rejection?
A5: Jeff advises entrepreneurs to remain persistent and solution-oriented, emphasizing the importance of respecting everyone and seizing opportunities when they arise.

Five Badass Quotes
1. Success is built around things people already do, then put on steroids.
2. You learn a lot more from failure than success.
3. Every show needs a special sauce that makes it unique.
4. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.
5. You need to be solutions-oriented. Everything needs to be a solution.

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Start with relatable concepts and amplify them for success.
2. Emotional engagement with the audience is crucial.
3. Failure is an influential teacher and an opportunity for growth.
4. Treat everyone respectfully; you never know who might open a door for you.
5. Persistence and adaptability are crucial to overcoming obstacles.

Contact Info
Jeff Apploff’s Website:
Dan Gordon’s Book: Text GAP to 213.409.8366

0:00 Introduction by Coach Dan Gordon
1:00 Meet Jeff Apploff
2:00 The Extraordinary Life
3:00 Living an Extraordinary Life
4:00 Free Book Offer
5:00 Jeff Apploff’s Journey
6:00 Creating Hit Shows
8:00 Emotional Engagement in TV
10:00 Handling Failure
11:00 Jeff’s Career Path
13:00 Passion and Persistence
15:00 The Wheel and Mental Samurai
30:00 Future Projects
33:00 Closing Remarks

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