Lucy Hall – From Crack Addict to Sobriety Superstar

Lucy Hall – From Crack Addict to Sobriety Superstar

A harrowing journey from crack addict to sobriety’s savior for hundreds of women.

In this episode of Shock to the System, Coach Dan Gordon probes the minds of Lucy Hall, Sobriety’s Savior & RiKarlo HandyDocumentary Filmmaker, learning their secrets of success and triumph over adversity and devastation.

Lucy is the Founder and CEO of Mary Hall Freedom House. Since 1996 Lucy has helped over 10,000 women and children break their addiction, to poverty, to homelessness, to drugs but even more so, break the addiction from the internal story that says, “I can’t.” 

Lucy Hall shares her harrowing story of how she found salvation at the edge of addiction and death. Hear the story of how she came back from being “tore-up from the floor-up” to create the Mary Hall Freedom House, where she has become sobriety’s savior for hundreds of addicted women, saving hundreds of addicts from a horrific fate. 

Lucy is the subject of a new documentary called Hope Village, which was produced by my other guest, Rikarlo Handy. You’re going to want to listen to what Lucy has to say because

she is going to tell you how she has helped all these people break their addictions and get past their stories. 

So if she can help those people, Lucy’s going to have some really unique insight into helping you too. 

My other guest is Rikarlo Handy. Rikarlo is a superstar in the entertainment world here in LA. He started working in the film industry at just 14 years old. By 18, he was directing music videos, commercials, and films. 

Rikarlo found a higher calling than just cranking out entertainment. With his company Sunwise Media, Rikarlo makes films that inspire social change with stories about people doing amazing things in the world. Rikarlo made a documentary called Hope Village about Lucy Hall going from addict to creating the Mary Hall Freedom House and serving all those people.


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