Stormy Simon

Stormy Simon

A single mom on food stamps turns CEO of the first online retail store!

Stormy Simon, a broke single-mom, went from secretary to CEO of, transforming them into the world’s first $2 billion online store! Today she’s the cannabis queen.

At 21, Stormy was a destitute single mother with no hope for the future. Yet, less than a decade later, she was President of a $2 billion online retailer and setting standards still used today. 

Stormy is the former president of the $2B company There she completely revolutionized their Branding, their Marketing, and their Customer Service. So much so that her results were copied by just about every other online retailer on the planet.

Under her guidance, Overstock was named to Forbes’ list of “America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies.” Stormy is also responsible for growing the ranks of female executives at Overstock from 7% to 33%.

Stormy is the archetype of an unconventional leader. She never went to college. Never went to business school. And yet Story has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes,  Entrepreneur, CNBC, and Fox Business. All this- without ever having to take out a student loan. Take that university education!

Stormy followed her passion into the business world of Cannabis, where she has been revolutionizing that industry as well. In 2017 Stormy joined the board of High Times Magazine, one of the leading global brands in cannabis culture.

Today, Stormy serves on the board of Mission Green, a nonprofit working to free non-violent cannabis offenders from prison. She volunteers her time at Columbus Community Center, which provides jobs to adults with mental disabilities. She also serves on the boards of YWCA, Boys & Girls Club and is a longtime supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit supporting wounded active duty service members and veterans.

Stormy has a new podcast called “Lunch with Stormy: Liberty Lunch Edition.”


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