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Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you grow your business, increase your income and feel more fulfilled in your professional life.

These books will help you take the next giant step in your personal evolution. Right now you’re like a rocket sitting on the launch pad. You’re all fueled up and ready to go. As a coach and speaker I hit the LAUNCH button on your life. I guide you on your journey to new exciting levels of SUCCESS!

Please download any (or all) of my books now. Not only are they FREE but they will also SET you free to begin living your life UNLIMITED.

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Action-Oriented Mindset in Action: Cover Image of 'Jumping the Gap - Kill Your Story & Take ACTION!

Jumping the Gap Kill Your Story & Take ACTION!

Behind every, “I can’t”, is a story that’s holding you back. This book shows you how to kill all your stories and take action. Feel confident to take on bold new challenges!

Masters in Sales Share Insights in 'Selling is Bullshit' Cover Image

Selling is Bullsh*t
Effective sales without being a jerk!

This book was written specifically for entrepreneurs who HATE selling. It is the ultimate guide for learning the tools to become a master salesperson without being a master a-hole!

Sales Target Achievement: Cover Image of 'Increase Your Sales by 60% in 60 Days

Increase Your Sales by 60% in 60 Days

This step-by-step guide shows you how to go from average sales to closing more business than you could ever imagine. All in just 60 days!

Psychological Sales Tactics: Test with a Dog on the Cover and Observe Sales Performance

Put a Dog on the Cover & See How it Sells

Every buying decision that people make begins in their subconscious. Learn to harness the power of your prospect’s minds and grow your sales.

Cultivating a Success Mindset: 'Success Mindset' with a Focus on Nurturing Success

Success Mindset
An Audio Book

Every successful person knows that mindset is more important than knowledge. This audio book helps you train your brain for massive new success!

10 Tips to Being Your Own Champion: Image with Emphasis on Self-Worth and Achievement

10 Tips to Being Your Own Champion

If you don’t believe you’re extraordinary, no one else will. Maintaining a rock-solid belief about your greatness is key to your success! Learn ten simple tips for feeling great about YOU!

Business Coaching Tips Emphasized in '10 Tips to Choosing a Great Business Coach' Title Image

10 Tips to Choosing a Great Business Coach

How do you know if you’re chosing the BEST coach for YOU? Read this simple guide for avoiding scam coaches while choosing a coach who fits your particular personality perfectly!

Selling Made Simple: Title Image of '10 Tools for Making Super Easy Sales' with an Emphasis on Simplifying Sales

10 Tools for Making Super Easy Sales

Selling can be simple if you know the right way to approach your prospects. Use these 10 Tools you will blow up your sales closing rate!

Tips for Selecting a Great Speaker: Cover Image of '10 Tips for Picking a Great Speaker

10 Tips for Picking a Great Speaker*
Even if it’s not Dan.

Choosing the perfect speaker isn’t always easy. This book will guide you through the process of selecting the BEST speaker to inspire and entertain your audience.

Emphasizing Abundance and Happiness in '3 Steps to Outrageous Abundance' Title Image

3 Steps to Outrageous Abundance
A daily practice of achieving BIG!

Abundance means being open to more success and happiness in life. This daily practice has proven results to achieving the life goals you are seeking.

Executive Health and Wellness Spotlighted in '10 Weight Loss Myths' Title Image

10 Weight Loss Myths
For Business Execs

I lost 60 pounds in just 6 months. It radically changed my business and personal life. Learn the myths and mistakes you face as a busy exec that keep you from better health and wealth!

Self-Empowerment Emphasized in '10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Success' Title Image

10 Simple Ways to
Boost Your Success

Becoming more successful is amazingly uncomplicated! Learn ten simple practices that you can use every day to boost your business success to the next level.

Mastering Goal-Setting: Title Image of 'Achieve 100% of Your Badass Goals' with a Focus on Goal-Setting Mastery

Achieve 100% of Your Badass Goals

Wouldn’t you love to achieve every goal you set? The good news is, you can! In this ebook, I share my proven method for achieving 100% of your badass goals every time.

Asking for Video Testimonials Spotlighted in 'Getting Awesome Video Testimonials' Title Image

Getting Awesome Video Testimonials

Video testimonials from your happy customers is the best way to promote your business. In this ebook, I share my proven techniques of both asking for and getting the BEST video testimonials possible.

Expert Tips for Hiring VAs Spotlighted in 'How to Find the Best Virtual Assistants' Title Image

How to Find the Best Virtual Assistants

Every entrepreneur must have a team of hard-working VAs to handle the tedious parts of their workload. Follow my guidelines to find loyal VAs who are inexpensive and professional.

Embracing Fears Highlighted in 'Making Friends with your Fears' Title Image

Making Friends with your Fears

Imagine if you could get your fears working for you. How much more successful could you be? In this ebook, I cover the ten ways you can make friends with your fears.