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Presentation & Public Speaking

Breakthrough Creativity

Lasting Results Delivered in an Entertaining Format

Coach Dan will get your group up on their feet and into action!

People quickly identify where they have been holding back. They become excited to take on greater challenges. They reach for new success and support each other in their accountability.

For over two decades, Coach Dan has helped hundreds of people achieve massive results in life, business and relationships.

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Image: Super Hero Sales & Networking Workshop

In Super Hero Sales & Networking, your team learns the language of sales. They’ll inspire the trust and confidence that closes deals quickly. They will network in a style that builds connections and creates opportunities. Watch your team get revved up and ready to take on the world!

Super Hero Sales & Networking Results

  • Charisma on Command: The art of establishing immediate likability.
  • Getting Past the No: Learn how to hear a “no” and keep going.
  • Going for Goals: Setting realistic goals to empower, not discourage.


In Presentation & Public Speaking, Coach Dan will transform their fear of speaking into enthusiasm! Your group will practice simple techniques for fueling their confidence. They’ll learn how to connect to an audience with ease and passion.

Presentation & Public Speaking Results

  • Make a Splash: Using the first 15 seconds to create instant rapport.
  • Power-Up PowerPoints: Design tips for building presentations that dazzle.
  • De-Stress & Impress: Relaxation techniques to show up confident on stage.
Image: Presentation & Public Speaking Workshop


Image: Breakthrough Creativity Workshop

Imagine if your team had unlimited access to their creative thinking. How much easier could they solve problems or generate new ideas? In Breakthrough Creativity, Coach Dan sets your group’s creative minds on fire! They’ll be excited to achieve more results and resolve issues on their own.

Breakthrough Creativity Results

  • Superior Solving: Problems become opportunities with easier solutions.
  • Creativity on Command: Stimulate innovative thinking when you need it.
  • Mind Harmony: Relaxation techniques to eliminate stress.

You need it? We’ll build it! Coach Dan can create most any type of training for your team. All of our programs are fun, relatable, and highly interactive. We design them for long-term results, so the learning is retained well after the program ends. Workshops can be designed as:

  • On/Off-Site or Virtual: Face to Face in half-day, full-day, or multi-session formats.
  • Train the Trainer: We can teach your people to facilitate our programs.
  • Self-Guided: Video training modules created for your team to learn at their pace.