WRN Member Success Workshop

WRN Member Success Workshop

In this video, Coach Dan Gordon, an executive coach will be Jump on the WRN success train with this deep dive into making the most of your WRN membership. We cover the five most critical points for members:

1. Creating your BEST 30 Commercial

2. Boosting Your Tip Numbers (both giving and getting)

3. Promoting Your Business to other Members

4. Increasing Your Sales Outside of WRN

5. Secret WRN Hacks to Get the Most from Your Membership

If you think your sell-ability could use a little help, book a quick, no-cost consultation with me. 

CLICK HERE to schedule a no-catch, no-cost call, or just text the word HELP to my cell phone: (213) 409-8366. 

I can also help you harness your inner Success Superhero with my audiobook, Success MindsetStream it HERE

See how good it feels to close more deals!


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Instagram: dangordonenterprise 

Twitter: DanGordon Enterprise 

READ MORE: https://dangordonenterprise.com/videos/10-truths-of-cold-calling/


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