Mark Cronin – Reality TV’s Millionaire Hit Maker

Mark Cronin – Reality TV’s Millionaire Hit Maker

A frustrated engineer becomes Hollywood’s hottest reality producer.

In this episode of Shock to the System, Coach Dan Gordon probes the mind of Mark Cronin, Reality TV’s superstar producer. How did a frustrated engineer transform his life to become Hollywood’s hottest producer?

Have you ever said to yourself, Hey, I have a great idea for a TV show? A lot of people have. Mark Cronin not only said that, but he actually created a TV show. And more than that, he created a kind of show no one had ever seen before. And more than that, he went on to create a total of 44 TV shows. Not 44 episodes of a show. We’re talking 44 different TV shows. 

Mark’s circuitous path to Hollywood began with a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. From there, he went into marketing. Then he chose to take the bold step of pursuing his dream career and started writing for television for Nick-at-Nite. 

Mark then became a writer and producer for “The Howard Stern Show.” (Babba-booey). Then moved to MTV and became head writer for the dating show “Singled Out.” Mark then created his own game show for Comedy Central called “Beat the Geeks.”

From there, Mark started cranking out successful reality show after successful reality show. His work is credited for single-handedly saving the cable channel VH1 as well as setting ratings records across the board for both network and cable TV. 

Most recently, Mark developed Bravo’s highest-rated series, “Below Deck,” a sort of Downton Abbey on the high seas, now in its eighth season. 

Today Mark Cronin runs his company Little Wooden Boat Productions, where he’s still at it, making groundbreaking television. Mark shares how he made it big in Hollywood, what it takes to be a creative innovator, and so much more. 


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