John Shin

John Shin

John Shin

A successful insurance tycoon makes the “Think & Grow Rich” movie

John Shin, a first-generation Korean-American, went from poverty to phenomenal wealth using the principles from the book, Think & Grow Rich. Then he made it into a movie! 

John Shin’s parents came to America with a dream of wealth that was never fully realized. Yet, as a young man, John discovered Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think & Grow Rich. Using what he learned from that book, John went on to start over 26 different companies from scratch, with every one of them becoming multi-million-dollar enterprises. 

Sir John, as he is known today, is the ultimate rags-to-riches success story. He knows the secret for transforming thinking from a mindset of sacristy to a mindset of wealthy abundance.

He has not only built exponential wealth for himself, but he has also taught literally thousands of people how to follow in his footsteps as part of his financial services company called Axianta, where he has opened over 128 offices in 42 different states. John is an

amazing speaker. You have never seen someone hold an audience like John. He is an amazing author, having written the book “How Rich Asians Think,” which is his own interpretation of Think & Grow Rich. 

Sir John is such a believer in Think & Grow Rich that he created and produced the movie “Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy.” Because he wanted to share these important business concepts with the world, in fact, a lot of people wanted to make this movie, but John is the only person the Napoleon Hill Foundation trusted to turn this great book into a film.

Now when he’s not creating wealth, he’s giving back. Sir John is also the co-founder of the All For One Foundation, which is an international charity helping to change children’s lives through health and education. Further, he sits on over 6 different boards of other charities. 


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