of motivation and passion!

“Coach Dan built his keynote specifically for us. He was fun, enthusiastic, and informative. A perfect fit!”

No one wants to hear a speaker. They want to be inspired.


Most speakers deliver a pre-packaged, decade-old, rah-rah keynote. You end up paying thousands of dollars for a “meh” presentation.

Your group wants to be inspired! They want to be entertained. They want someone who makes them roar with laughter, tear-up with emotion, and jump out of their seats with unbridled enthusiasm!

For over 25 years, Coach Dan Gordon has been taking audiences on a wild ride of growth and exploration. He provides them with blueprints for stepping into their world in bold new ways.

Coach Dan has a unique talent for opening minds and inspiring hearts in any sized room– from 20 to 20,000 and beyond!

Resources for Meeting Planners

Resources for Meeting Planners

Watch Coach Dan in action:

Watch Dan in action:

Coach Dan’s info packet.

Dan’s booking resources:

Coach Dan’s speaker biography.

Dan’s speaker biography:

Need Help Keying-Up Your Keynote?

Why do meeting planners love working with Coach Dan.

Why do meeting planners love working with Dan?

He does all the heavy lifting. Even before you hire Coach Dan, he will brainstorm ideas with you and offer input to help make your event a terrific experience for all involved.

In working with Coach Dan, he starts with The Deep Dive. In this process, you explore the most important themes you want delivered in his keynote. On the day of, Coach Dan arrives hours early to prep and review the presentation with your tech team. This ensures a fun, engaging, and no-glitch presentation.

You will find Coach Dan energizing and easy to work with– definitely not a diva! Moreover, he is always up for extras like meet-and-greets and small-group breakout sessions.

CLICK HERE to book a Quick Chat with Coach Dan to discover if he is a good fit for your audience.

Choosing the right topic to motivate your group.

Let’s talk about a topic.

Audiences don’t listen, they feel. Dan Gordon knows how to open hearts and minds to bold ways new of looking at the world.

For over 25 years Dan has been facilitating workshops, coaching and motivating people to transform their lives– leaving old habits behind.

His high-energy style is absolutely infections. Moreover, Dan’s AV presentations are filled with entertaining graphics and animation. You’ve never experienced any speaker like him!

How working with Coach Dan works.

Coach Dan leaves nothing to chance. From your initial call to the audience ovation, he has locked down every step of creating a world-class program for your group. See his process illustrated below.

We do a Deep Dive to identify your objectives for the keynote and share ideas for delivering that message in compelling and entertaining ways.

Your keynote is built from the ground up specifically for your audience. On-site rehearsals with your tech team ensure a flawless, glitch-free presentation.

We discuss if the keynote met your expectations. Coach Dan offers insights on next steps to help your group implement all they learned.

Watch this short video to see Dan in ACTION!

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10 Tips for picking A great speaker*

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and here’s something for free

just for scrolling down this far

10 Tips for picking A great speaker*

*even if it’s not dan!

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