The “For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY!” podcast is a show dedicated to ambitious, “badass” entrepreneurs who dive deep into facing the fears, struggles, and belief systems that stand between them and the pinnacle of success, both in their business and personal lives. Hosted by Coach Dan Gordon, this podcast stands out as a source of unfiltered insight, granting listeners direct access to the wisdom and experiences of the world’s leading business minds. Through candid conversations, these visionary entrepreneurs share innovative strategies, bold paths, and how they face personal demons to achieve unparalleled success. It’s a unique opportunity for those looking to understand the successful entrepreneurial mindset and acquire a blueprint for living a life of extraordinary achievements. Hear insights from the late Phil Q, a man who launched Virgin Records alongside Richard Branson, or wisdom from Stormy Simon, a single mom who ascended to CEO of For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY! is the ultimate resource for entrepreneurs who refuse to settle for anything less than legendary.