5 Truths of Making Fear Work FOR You (instead of AGAINST you)

5 Truths of Making Fear Work FOR You (instead of AGAINST you)

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you look at fear as something you need to defeat. But instead, you’ve got to stop looking at fear as the enemy and start making your fear work for YOU! Here are my 5 Truths of Making Fear Work for You (instead of AGAINST you).

First, know this; your fears are a gift, not a curse. Fear is why you look before crossing the street. It is why you make careful business decisions. Fear is why you don’t loan your stoner friends any money. Your fears keep you sharp and alert. They are NOT your enemy!

Truth 1: Fear cannot be conquered. 

Fear will always be present in your life. It cannot be overcome. So don’t imagine there’s some magical future where your fears no longer exist. 

Instead, consider your fears as a sign that you’re about to do something new and amazing.

So to get your fear working for you, think of fear not as a warning telling you to stop but as the starting pistol telling you to GO FOR IT!

Truth 2. Fear only lives in your imagination.

Whenever you feel afraid, you must remember that ALL of your fears only exist in your imagination. 

Fear is a story you tell yourself about a future you don’t want to happen. Fear never happens in real-time.

If you see a rattlesnake, you’re not actually afraid of the snake. You’re afraid of a future you’ve imagined where the snake bites you, and you die. 

So to make your fears work for you, stop visualizing a future filled with failure and pain. Instead, imagine a future where everything works out in your favor. 

Truth 3. Fear can be proven wrong.

Whenever you consider doing something new that will move your life forward, your fear screams back at you, “That’s too dangerous. Don’t do it!!!”

Giving in to your fears traps you into a small and inconsequential life. Proving your fears wrong frees you to create unlimited success. 

So you make your fear work for you, you must take immediate action. Do whatever the fear is telling you NOT to do. When you prove your fears wrong, they stop screaming at you and set you free.

Truth 4. Fear can be reduced in small steps.

If you’re afraid of heights, you won’t conquer your fear by climbing Mt. Everest. That will only make you more afraid.

Instead, you can reduce your fear by taking small steps. 

Take small actions towards a larger goal. If you want to climb a mountain, start with a hill. Then climb larger hills. Slowly build your confidence till you’re taking selfies on Everest!

To make your fear work for you, push back at your fears with small steps. Your fear will be gently eased when you go easy on yourself. 

Truth 5. Hesitation only increases your fear.

If you want to ask out the hottie at the coffee shop, every second you hesitate only makes you feel more fearful.

Hesitate long enough, and you’ll imagine so many doom scenarios, you’ll frighten yourself right out of what could have been the best date of your life!

Always remember that rejection, failure, and disappointment won’t kill you. What does kill you is the regret of not taking action. 

To make your fear work for you, don’t pause on any objective, not even for a moment! Take immediate action always.

Regardless of the outcome, you’ll never have to live in the regret of wondering how great your life could have been.

Taking The Next Step

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