Three Tips to Make Sales Like Child’s Play

Three Tips to Make Sales Like Child’s Play

When it comes to learning to sell, a lot of people struggle with the fear of failure, rejection, or just doing it wrong. But why is it, when you were a kid none of those things bothered you? 

It’s because you hadn’t yet learned to judge yourself. So for these three tips, we’re going to take a trip back in time to make learning sales like child’s play!

Tip Number One. Remove All Your Goals. 

When you were learning to tie your shoes, you never set a goal date for perfecting it. You learned it at your own pace. It was this lack of pressure that allowed you to try and fail until you mastered it. 

You must do the same with selling. Don’t set sales goals for yourself, especially at the beginning. Learn at your own pace how to encourage people to buy your product. Allow yourself all the time you need to get better and better at it without the pressure of perfection or time.

That’s why you must, Remove All Your Goals.

Tip Number Two. Stop Evaluating Yourself. 

Remember how excited you were when someone gave you a new book? When you hit a word you didn’t know, you’d slow down and sound it out.

But can you imagine how defeating it would have felt if you were constantly evaluating your reading speed and comprehension? You’d be so discouraged you’d never want to pick up another book. 

So while you’re learning to sell, don’t evaluate yourself. Instead, have faith, that whatever block you face, you’ll figure it out. You’ll feel encouraged to keep trying and become a master at selling. 

That’s why I created Tip Number Two, Stop Evaluating Yourself.

Tip Number Three. Trust the Process.

When you were learning to ride a bike, it was at first overwhelming! You had to keep your balance, maintain you’re speed, and watch your steering. 

But even with all that, you trusted the process laid out by the person teaching you. It gave you 100% certainty, you’d master it. Eventually, little by little, all those complex pieces became second nature. 

After that, your bicycle became your ticket to fun and freedom.

Learning to sell is just like that. There is a lot happening at once. But if you’re working with a great sales trainer, trust their process. Eventually, little by little selling will all become second nature.

After that, your sales skills will become your ticket to fun and financial freedom!

Taking The Next Step

In learning to sell you must learn to be a kid again. Remove Your Goals. Don’t Evaluate Yourself. And Trust the Process. You’ll learn all you need to know faster and easier.

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