The 5 Keys for Taking GREATER Risks that Lead to Ultimate SUCCESS!

The 5 Keys for Taking GREATER Risks that Lead to Ultimate SUCCESS!

The 5 Keys for Taking GREATER Risks that Lead to Ultimate SUCCESS!

Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of people step up to more significant challenges and achieve the kind of success they never imagined possible. 

The advantage of helping so many people is that I have narrowed down the actions anyone can take to achieve greater success — to just five essential keys. 

How To Take GREATER Risks And Attain Ultimate SUCCESS!

If you step up to the challenge of these five keys, I can practically guarantee that exciting new things will start happening in your life and that you will achieve the success you have been seeking. 

Ready? Great! Let’s begin.

Key 1 – Do more stuff you’re afraid of doing.

Look, I’m not telling you to go skydiving tomorrow. 

Start with something small, and make a goal — daily —to try something new that pushes the edges of your comfort. 

Once, at a restaurant, I asked the waiter if I could have a free dessert. I didn’t care if I got it or not — I just knew that asking him would make me feel uncomfortable. 

As an entrepreneur, the best way to start challenging yourself is to go to networking events and strike up conversations with people you don’t know. Lean into the discomfort and hang out in it. 

That’s where success lives!

Key 2 – A good risk and a bad idea feel the same.

You MUST stop relying on your feelings to guide you all the time. 

More often than not, your feelings will tell you NOT to take a substantial risk that can propel you forward. 

The truth is that you will feel the same whether you’re taking a reasonable risk or doing something that turns out to be a bad idea. 

But you will never know the result until after you do it. 

Once you do go through with it, though, you will reap the benefits of that risk, in the form of either being rewarded by a good idea or by the life lesson of what not to do in the future.

Key 3 – You must love and appreciate yourself at every moment.

When you begin stepping up to new challenges, it’s likely that things won’t work out the way you hoped. 

When this happens, you will likely hurl mean thoughts and judgments at yourself. In fact, you may already have a lot of those thoughts! 

But this kind of thinking will discourage you from moving forward on your path of success. 

Therefore, you must adopt a consistent practice of appreciating every little risk you take on, regardless of the outcome. 

This was especially difficult for me when a risk I took resulted in losing $80,000.00 and being left with the remains of a failed business. 

However, when I allowed myself love and appreciation for my bold action, even though the outcome was painful, I was able to rebound in less than a year. 

Being kind to yourself may be the biggest challenge in your entire transformation process, but if you practice it every day, eventually, you will be free of the bonds of self-judgment that hold you back.

Key 4 – Abandon success and failure. Adopt experimentation.

As you first start taking on greater risks, you may find that success doesn’t happen quickly — and even when it does, it may come in small quantities. 

So your best strategy is to abandon the concept of success and failure completely. 

Instead, start looking at your challenges in the same way a scientist looks at their experiments. 

They don’t judge their results. 

Instead, they use them as learning tools to guide their next experiment, and the one after that, and the one after that. 

By following this process, they eventually make the kinds of discoveries that can change the world!

Key 5 – Your friends and family may not be on board with any of this.

As soon as you start doing these new things, the people in your life may tell you you’re crazy. 

They may say, “Why are you doing this? You read it on the internet?” 

They will give you all sorts of reasons why you will fail, how you will never make the money you want, and they’ll encourage you to go back to living a mediocre life with mediocre results. 

Please understand that they don’t mean to discourage you. They think they’re trying to save you. 

But as you take on greater risks in life, you are holding up a mirror to everything they aren’t doing. 

The stark reflection of the fear and mediocrity controlling their lives makes them feel bad. 

Subconsciously, they may try to get you to stop taking action, so they don’t have to think about their fears. 

Don’t demand their support, acceptance or understanding. 

Instead, seek out communities of bold entrepreneurs like yourself who are on the same path of ultimate success! 

Embracing Your Fears And Taking Risks

Let’s take a quick second to review the five keys we’ve discussed today. 

  1. Do more stuff you’re afraid of doing.
  2. Stop relying on your feelings to guide you.
  3. Learn to love and appreciate yourself, no matter what happens. 
  4. Abandon the idea of success and failure. Adopt a mindset of experimentation. 
  5. Surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs for support. 

I’ve helped hundreds of people get excited about taking more significant risks and reaching new levels of success.  

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