The Easy Way to be More Successful by NOT Wanting to be More Successful

The Easy Way to be More Successful by NOT Wanting to be More Successful

Here’s a strange but true fact about achieving great success. I know this is going to sound crazy but if you want to achieve massive success in your life, you have to stop wanting it.

Now, I get it. This seems nuts. If you stop wanting something, aren’t you going to stop working at it? Well, actually, no.

See, most of the time, it’s your attachment to getting what you want- that makes you frustrated and slows your process. I see a lot of people who use their goals like blunt instruments- beating themselves up with their goals until they achieve them.

What’s the point? Tormenting yourself is no way to live. Instead, live in the passion for your goals. Live in the vision of bringing your goals into reality.

When I was first building my coaching business, I was so focused on my financial success I’d get angry at people who didn’t sign up with me. It was crazy. But then I changed my financial goals into helpful goals.

I worked to increase my client’s incomes, not my own. And as I became less attached to my success, success started showing up faster and faster. I was having so much fun helping people earn more money, I didn’t even realize when I had reached my goal of earning a six-figure income from coaching.

But by then it didn’t even matter to me. I was loving life and completely focused on the new and exciting ways I could help other people.

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