The 5 Keys to Emotional Intelligence and Why They Are More Important Than Financial Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a term that most entrepreneurs have heard of, but few fully understand. 

While it may sound like just another new-age buzzphrase created for people who love talking about their feelings, nothing could be further from the truth!

Mastering your emotional intelligence means understanding how your emotions prevent you from achieving the success you are seeking. 

Furthermore, new entrepreneurs in the coming generations will all be well-versed in emotional intelligence because parents and schools have begun to see its value. 

In other words, if you don’t learn to speak this language, the next generation of businesspeople will think of you like a VHS player or landline telephone.

Below are The Five Keys to Emotional Intelligence. 

You MUST master these to stay current in the upcoming business world. They will help you be more effective in your everyday world as well!

Key 1 – Embrace every challenge that’s presented to you.

A large percentage of ALL new entrepreneurs fail within their first two years. 

It’s not because they aren’t smart enough. It’s because they haven’t developed the emotional willingness to weather the highs and lows of business. 

The good news is that entrepreneurship is the BEST place to learn how to embrace these challenges. 

You will have an infinite number of opportunities to step up to new and better ways of being, and, in time, you’ll become emotionally stronger after each attempt.

When you learn to connect with your feelings, you’ll be more likely to stay calm under pressure and accept challenging projects or the challenging opinions of those around you.

Key 2 – Recognize your strengths…and weaknesses.

Entrepreneurs typically have a hard time asking for help. 

They tend to want to do all things themselves. Yet, when they try to do everything, they end up with mediocre results.

Seeking help or collaboration doesn’t mean you’ve failed.

When you fully recognize your strengths and weaknesses, you capitalize on your unique abilities. Further, you inspire others to support you in the areas where you lack capabilities. 

Entrepreneurs who say “I am a perfectionist” are only hiding their flaws from themselves.

They work harder and harder, but in reality, they are only driving around in circles believing they are going somewhere.

You must be honest with yourself. Develop the emotional courage to embrace your flaws. Then, bring in other people who excel in those areas.

Key 3 – Let go of past mistakes no matter how costly.

Even the best entrepreneurs fail 90% of the time. 

It is far too easy to wallow in self-pity every time you make a mistake. But if you do, you only become increasingly more risk-averse. 

Conversely, when you develop the emotional intelligence to analyze your mistakes, you get invaluable information about what went wrong and what you can do differently going forward. 

While this might be difficult at first, learning to negotiate your emotions will help you compartmentalize your negative thoughts and move on more quickly to the next big challenge. 

Key 4 – Listen to constructive criticism without being defensive.

As a child, being told you were wrong always carried a heavy emotional toll. You hated being called a bad boy or girl.

These feelings only worsen when you receive negative criticism from your friends, your teachers, and then your bosses. It’s why you hate online trolls who ridicule your posts. 

Yet, being able to dial down your reactions is an essential aspect of emotional intelligence.

When you respond to criticism with curiosity, rather than being defensive, you open up deeper relationships and benefit from the criticism being offered. You’ll also learn to be impervious to those who are out to tear you down.

It helps to recognize that any negative attachment you feel to someone’s criticism is an indication that you are hiding a deep-seated fear that, on some level, they might be right. 

This is why a cheating spouse blows up defensively when confronted by their partner. 

Any emotional reaction you have to criticism should make you want to go on an exploration of why they touched a nerve.

Key 5 – Resolve conflicts peacefully by owning your part.

When a conflict arises, most people want to point the angry finger of blame at the other person.

But emotionally intelligent entrepreneurs look within and ask, “How did I help create this problem?”

This is perhaps one of the most challenging exercises in emotional intelligence. 

But it has been proven repeatedly to be the pathway to the most effective conflict resolution practices.

Offering to own your part in creating any problem may, at first, feel as if you’re handing your attacker a pistol. 

However, you will soon come to understand that the first person to ease back on their anger in an argument quickly gains the high ground.

As in the other four examples of emotional intelligence, entrepreneurs who are willing to be reflective, non-reactive, and open to hearing multiple points of view, WITHOUT responding defensively, are the ones who always come out ahead in any business struggle. 

Mastering Your Emotional Intelligence

For those who want to succeed in both their business and personal lives, one of the most important things they can do is learn how to master their emotional intelligence.

Here is a quick review of The Five Keys of Emotional Intelligence: 

Key 1 – Embrace every challenge that’s presented to you.

Key 2 – Recognize your strengths…and weaknesses.

Key 3 – Let go of past mistakes, no matter how costly.

Key 4 – Listen to constructive criticism without being defensive.

Key 5 – Resolve conflicts peacefully by owning your part.

Entrepreneurs with high Emotional Intelligence take ACTION quicker, achieve higher goals, and feel more fulfilled in their business lives, than those with financial intelligence

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