The 3 Steps to Avoid Scams and Scammers

The 3 Steps to Avoid Scams and Scammers

If you’ve ever been scammed as I have, you know the pain and embarrassment of being taken advantage of you. Here are the Three Steps I use to Avoid Scams and Scammers that work EVERY time.

Step One- DON’T Trust Yourself: 

I know. It sounds crazy. But, remember when you want something really bad you’re vulnerable. It’s like looking at a chocolate cake when you’re on a diet.

When scammers say they can deliver what you want faster and easier than anyone else you’re more likely to trust them than to question them. Your feelings will scream YES when your brain should be staying WAIT. 

That’s why when you really want something you have to remember “Don’t trust yourself.”

Step Two- Get Out: 

Get out of the situation. Get away from the offer. When you do, your emotions will level off and your thinking will turn back on. 

Now you can consider the LOGICAL reasons to accept the offer, reject the offer, or ask more questions. But if your emotions get fired up again, GET OUT again. 

Don’t worry about what they think. Just keep Getting Out till your feelings are stable and they have answered EVERY one of your concerns. 

Step Three- Phone a Friend.

And finally, and most importantly, before you make a big decision, call a fellow entrepreneur. Get their point of view. They’ll bring up important questions you hadn’t thought of. 

I did this once before buying a car. The salesperson said, “Oh, you have to call someone before you make decisions?” I told him, Yeah. I do. And that phone call saved me a thousand dollars off the price of the car. 

That’s why you must use step three. Phone, a friend. 

And here’s a bonus thought:

Remember, as the customer, YOU have all the power. They want YOUR money.

So if someone tries to pressure you with a limited-time offer, just say “If you want me as a customer, you’ll give me the time I need to decide.” 

It’s a miracle! Suddenly their limited-time offer is no longer limited. And most importantly, NEVER get so attached to buying something that you can’t just walk away. 

Scammers LOVE to prey on people who are attached to buying.

Taking The Next Step:

As a business coach specializing in sales training. I make you bulletproof to scams and con artists. I can’t stand it when good people like you get taken advantage of. 

If this has been helpful, you can download this and all my tools for success by just texting the word SUCCESS to my personal cell phone 213-409-8366. 

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