The 10 Rockstar Principles of Selling

The 10 Rockstar Principles of Selling

I love helping my clients triple their income! I’ve taught hundreds of people how to make more money than they ever believed possible with my Ten Rockstar Principles of Selling. If you follow them, you can blow up your income too!

Rockstar Selling Principle 1: Pick Up The Phone.

The only way to begin is to begin. Make calls. Get rejected. You’ll discover it doesn’t kill you.

Rockstar Selling Principle 2: Motion Creates Emotion.

Before a sales meeting, walk around, do jumping jacks, give yourself a pep talk in the mirror. You’ll have more energy and feel much more confident.

Rockstar Selling Principle 3: Listen for Buying Questions.

A buying question ISN’T “What’s it cost?” It’s questions like, “do you have a discount?” or “Is there a payment plan?” Those questions mean it’s time to close the deal.

Rockstar Selling Principle 4: Reinforce the Value.

Talk about why they’ll love your product. Tell them stories of customers who became so much happier after they bought it.

Rockstar Selling Principle 5: Push Without Being Pushy. 

Don’t be pushy but you must help people get past their fears. They’re afraid of being conned. They’re afraid of wasting their money. If you don’t push them past their first NO, you’ll never sell anything.

Rockstar Selling Principle 6: Get 25 YES’s. 

Saying YES puts people in a positive mind frame so ask YES questions. “Do you see what I mean? Does this make sense? Do you love your kids? Get them to say YES at least 20 times during your sale.

Rockstar Selling Principle 7: Sell The Future. 

Talk about your product as if they’ve already bought it. Describe the happier future they’re now living in now that your product is a part of their lives.

Rockstar Selling Principle 8: Get Past the NO.

Learn all the reasons people say NO and have the perfect response for each of them. If people say it’s too expensive, be ready to share why the value far outweighs the cost.

Rockstar Selling Principle 9: A Sales Always Ends in a Sale.

Either you sold them your product or they sold you on why they don’t want it. When this happens, don’t beat yourself up. But you must learn to sell better than your customers.

Rockstar Selling Principle 10: Be Relentless.

A sale can only end with a solid YES, a solid NO or you’ve scheduled another conversation. If you let people slide away with, “I’ll call ya later,” you have failed them.

BONUS Principle 11: People Buy from the People They Like and Trust.

Don’t waste time educating people on your product. Instead, commit yourself to be likable and trustworthy. When they like you and trust you, they buy from you. 

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