5 Tools of Successful (and ethical) Selling

5 Tools of Successful (and ethical) Selling

Five Tools of Successful (and ethical) Selling

Sales always get a bad rap. From the seedy used car dealer to the jerks who push time-shares on unsuspecting victims, most entrepreneurs don’t want to think of themselves as salespeople.

Yet, without being proficient at selling, you will never reach your highest income goals. The truth is that you believe in your product or service. You know your prospects will be happier if they buy than if they don’t.

So the big question is, how do you get people to buy what you’re selling without being a complete jerk?

Well the good news is, as a sales coach, I teach my clients to do that very thing every day!

Here are my Five Tools of Successful (and ethical) Selling

TOOL 1: Redefine pushy as helpful. 

Have you ever encouraged a friend to eat at a restaurant you love or go see a movie you enjoyed? 

I’ll bet you didn’t feel like you were being pushy. 

The same is true in selling. You just want to help your prospect live a better life by engaging with your product or service. 

Selling is not about money but about solving a problem for your customer. 

TOOL 2: Get curious and stay curious.

Rather than worrying about what to say to your prospect, start by asking a LOT of questions. 

Questions are the best way to find out what hurdles they want to overcome and how your product can help them do that. 

If you ever get stuck in a sales meeting or not sure what to say next, ask more questions!

TOOL 3: Don’t overcome objections. Normalize objections. 

It is unlikely that your customer is going to throw open their wallet and shout, “Shut up and take my money!” 

It’s more likely that you’re going to come up against a barrage of objections and challenges. 

Yet, rather than feel defensive or flustered, acknowledge what they are saying. Let them know that you only understand their objections but you agree with them. 

That may sound crazy but the truth is, no one likes being told their objections are wrong. Moreover, you have the same kinds of objections when someone is selling you. 

So begin by normalizing their objections by agreeing with them. Then, you can go on to explain your point of view. 

Here’s an example:

“You’re way too expensive. I can’t afford that.”

“You’re right. In fact, I’m more expensive than most people. Every one of my clients has told me that exact same thing. But then, after a few weeks of working with me they all told me I was unbelievably cheap. Want to know why?” 

TOOL 4: Questions aren’t questions, so don’t answer them. 

This is one of the hardest tools to master. 

We are all used to answering the questions people ask us. But when it comes to selling, oftentimes, a prospect’s questions aren’t really a question at all.

This happens when a prospect gets close to buying. They get a little fearful and subconsciously try to tobedo the deal. 

They will start asking questions that are designed to try to get YOU to talk THEM out of buying. 

For example, sometimes a potential client will ask me, “Well, if you’re so sure you can help everyone why don’t you offer a money back guarantee?”

If I answered that question, I would be, in essence, handing over control of the conversation to them. 

Each question and answer after that would drive them further and further away from what they need the most which is my professional services.

Instead of answering their questions, redirect their concern by making statements about the product or service. 

Focus on how it will help them solve the problem that brought them into your life.

How do I answer that fateful question? Simple. “You know what? I get asked that all the time. So let me tell you how I work and why my process is successful and then you’ll get your answer.” 

By the time I’m done, they have completely forgotten about the money back guarantee. But it’s not because I have tricked them. It’s because I have shown them so much value that their distrust has evaporated. 

TOOL 5: Always remember, you are the smartest one in the room. 

Who knows more about your product or service, you or your prospect? You! Don’t ever lose focus of that. 

I once had a prospect tell me they could get the same information I was offering from books or on YouTube. Rather than get defensive, 

I simply told that wasn’t true. When they pushed me as to why I said that I responded with,

“Because I’m an expert at what I do. I know what works and what doesn’t. What you’re suggesting won’t work.”

Their only option was to agree with me or to call me a liar. Fortunately they made the right choice and have been a client for over three years. 

You must never, ever, EVER let your prospect run your sales meeting. 

Imagine a patient telling his brain surgeon how to operate on him. Imagine an airplane passenger questing the pilot on their flying abilities.   

You are the pilot and brain surgeon of your business. Allowing a prospect to drag you into the mud does a disservice to them. 

They talk themselves out of getting your valuable services and you lose a sale.

Always stay in control. Always stay in charge of the conversation. 

BONUS TOOL: Keep a LOT of people in your pipeline. 

You should never put yourself in a position where you need the sale so badly you’re willing to compromise your personal integrity to get it. 

Having a lot of sales meetings in your pipeline keeps you detached throughout the process.

Whether they buy or don’t buy, it doesn’t matter to you because you have a dozen other prospects waiting in the wings. 

That’s why you must be constantly prospecting and constantly seeking out new business. It keeps your head clear and your wallet full.

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