Is Fear of Success Real (and Do You Have It)?

Is Fear of Success Real (and Do You Have It)?

The good news is the answer is a solid NO, Fear of Success isn’t real. However, the bad news is you are afraid of something. It’s just not success.

What you’re afraid of is what all entrepreneurs secretly fear. It’s the fear that all of your bold dreams and visions will never be fully realized.

You’re afraid that you will work yourself half to death and never accomplish what you set out to do. That’s an understandable fear but being afraid of it won’t help you succeed.

The even better news is, I have a solution that will put your mind at rest.

The Solution is…LOVE?

My solution starts, not with working harder or even working smarter. It’s all about you being a whole lot kinder to yourself. In short, love yourself!

Dial down your self-judgments of all that you haven’t accomplished and dial-up your love and appreciation for all that you have. 

You are an entrepreneur! You have stepped boldly into a life that thousands of other people only wish they had the courage to live. The challenges you confront every day would destroy most people. 

So it’s okay to be afraid now and again. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. It’s okay to toss and turn through sleepless nights wondering just what the hell you’ve gotten yourself into. 

Fear and worry come with the territory of doing anything great. But that’s also why you HAVE to give yourself an infinite amount of love and appreciation.

Making Your Fears Work FOR You (Not AGAINST You.)

The Fear of Success is really just your terrified mind trying to avoid potential pain by giving up well before it can experience failure. 

So, to begin with, you’ll need to reprogram your fears. Yes, that’s actually possible! 

When you feel fear, think of it as a reminder– just like on your smartphone. Your fear is reminding you that you’re doing something exceptional with your life.

You don’t fight the reminders that pop up on your phone so why try to fight your fears? Instead, thank them. Say, “Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. I’m a friggin’ superhero on a mission!”

Remember The Undeniable Truth

Most importantly, when fear gets the best of you, remember this one undeniable truth: If something was going to take you down, it would have happened by now. 

Think of everything you’ve been through so far. Think of all the struggle, pain, and roadblocks you’ve had to overcome to get to this moment in time. 

If you didn’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur you would have already given up. So whatever happens going forward, you’re rock solid!

How You’ll Know It’s Working

As you give yourself this love and kindness, you’ll notice how your fears start to dissipate. You’ll notice how your confidence dials back up. 

Most of all, you’ll feel how your commitment to being a bold entrepreneur takes hold in your soul once again. 

Taking The Next Step

You are destined for amazing things ahead. And that, my friend, is more REAL than any fear or worry you’ll ever have.

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