3 Simple Ingredients for Every Sale

3 Simple Ingredients for Every Sale

Most people WAY overcomplicate selling. You don’t need to learn a bevy of tricks, tools, and techniques just to close a deal. I teach all my clients these 3 Simple Ingredients for Every Sale. Once you understand and practice them, you’ll see how easy it can be to sell anything to anyone. Here they are:

Ingredient #1: People must like and trust you. 

When someone is interested in buying from you, it means they have a problem and they’re hoping your product can solve it. But before they will buy from you, they first have to like and trust you. 

To accomplish that quickly, offer them ideas and suggestions to solve their problem (and here’s the important part), WITHOUT having to buy from you.

Imagine calling a plumber to fix your sink. Instead of quoting a price, they give you suggestions to fix it yourself. Whether you try the DYI solution and fail or you don’t want to try it at all, that plumber has given you a big reason to like and trust them.

When you put your focus on helping people they will like and trust you. 

Ingredient #2: Do they want or need what you’re selling?

Salespeople often get accused of selling people things they don’t need or want. Never do that! 

Instead, make sure there’s a place in their lives where your product fits like a glove. Describe the happier future they will have using your product and how it will benefit them.

Describe it with so much excitement and enthusiasm they get excited too. If they don’t, it just means they don’t really want or need it. 

Most of all, stay unattached. The more you want to sell them, the less likely they are to buy. 

Ingredient #3:. There must be urgency. 

Okay, so your prospect may like and trust you. They may want or need your product. But if they don’t feel an urgency to get it now, you’re not going to make a sale!

You have to show them the value of getting your product sooner than later. But don’t scare them into buying. That’s a BAD way to close! 

Instead, talk about the better life they have with your product being a part of their lives today, rather than tomorrow, next week, or next year. Will they save more money, feel safer, or have more enjoyment? 

Give them valid reasons they should buy now rather than put it off for even one more day.

Using The Ingredients when you DON’T make a sale

What I love most about these Three Ingredients is that, when you DON’T make a sale, you can use them as a tool to easily to figure out what went wrong. 

Go back over the sale in your mind. Did they not like and trust you? Did they not see a need for it? Did they not feel an urgency to get it now? If you didn’t close the deal it had to be one of those three. 

Think about what you could have done differently. Practice it out loud then bring that new knowledge into your next sale. 

Just like learning to ride a bike, it will get easier and easier. Eventually, you’ll see how much fun and exciting sales really can be.

Taking The Next Step

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