How to Use Your Brand to Market YOURSELF.

How to Use Your Brand to Market YOURSELF.
How to Use Your Brand to Market YOURSELF.

How to Use Your Brand to Market YOURSELF.

Developing and promoting your personal brand is equally important as the brand for your business. If you haven’t yet read my blog, Building Your Brand in Seven Simple Steps, I’d urge you to do so before reading this article!

Branding yourself means showing up as who you are. Your personal brand, just like a business brand, is an extension of your personality.

Ask yourself: 

  • “What makes me stand out?” 
  • “What sets me apart from my competitors?”
  • How do I offer my product in a way that no one else does or can?

Here are the step in marketing yourself as a brand:

1. The Problem:

What does your market struggle with?

Whatever it is, always show up as the one who understands the problem in a way that your competition does not.

Let your audience know and feel that you understand the struggles they’re facing on a personal level.

2. The Solution:

Make them feel that you have a unique understanding of the solutions that can solve their problems. 

Gain their confidence and let them know that you’re the best option for their solutions.

3. Why You?

Always claim to be the expert

You have tremendous amounts of experience. You’ve successfully dealt with these issues and are a thought leader around them.

4. Making the Sale

Make this whole process easy by having a simple way for your clients to begin working with you. Make it so convenient that they can instantly sign up and begin.

Always remember, the less you hesitate on closing the deal, the more confidence they’ll have in you. 

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve mastered using your brand to market yourself, you need to engage more people! Check out my blog called  Five Ways to Boost Your Brand Engagement

Finally, if you want to see if it’s operating in tip-top shape, take a look at my blog, A Checklist for Making your Brand ROCK!

If this has been helpful, CLICK HERE to book a no-catch, no-cost, 15-minute consultation with me, and let me help rev up your game!

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