How to Stop Stopping Yourself from Success

How to Stop Stopping Yourself from Success

How to Stop Stopping Yourself from Success

Most of the struggles we face in life and business are based on nothing more than a story we tell ourselves. 

That’s a hard truth to admit because we have a LOT of evidence that our struggles are more complicated than just a story in our minds. 

However, what I’m about to share with you will show you just how powerful these stories are, and you’ll find out how you can stop stopping yourself from all the success you are seeking the most.

Why FEAR Stops You

Since humans first appeared on Earth, we have always put our focus on avoiding dangerous situations. In our caveman days, when saber-toothed tigers lived outside of our caves, risk often meant death. Today, however, most of those kinds of dangers are gone. 

Yet, our brains still act like overprotective parents, injecting fear and dread into us when we consider doing anything risky. We tend to look at every risk as potentially life-threatening.

Whether it’s jumping out of an airplane or opening a business, we feel the same kind of stress and worry. 

That is why we often find ourselves paralyzed from making a decision, even when the risks are relatively small.  

Your Brain LOVES Scaring You!

First, you need to understand that most of the fear you feel has NOTHING to do with what’s happening in the present moment. Almost all of your concerns exist in an unwritten future. 

For example, let’s say your boss or a client states that you MUST complete a task in an hour, or they will fire you! 

Immediately you start running a little movie in your head. This movie is set in the future, one hour from now. The main character (you) tells the client or boss that the task is not done. They fly off the handle, fire you, and you end up losing your home and living under a bridge.

But none of that is really happening!

So why does your brain love creating movies where you fail instead of movies where you succeed? 

Because it thinks that’s the best way to prepare for a potential problem. But it isn’t.

Unfortunately, the movie kicks off a series of responses in your body that create an emotional avalanche. You go into fight or flight mode. Your best thinking gets short-circuited, and suddenly, you lose the ability to come up with any solutions to your problem. 

What a mess!

The Solution: Staying in the Present Moment

The irony about our fears is, if you were to think back on all the things you’ve ever been afraid of, you’d discover that no more than 10% of them ever came true.

Mostly, things tend to work out for us. Not all the time, but mostly.

So that means that buying into your fears is like betting on a horse that only wins 10% of the time. It just doesn’t make sense!

The trick is that you must first bring yourself back into the present moment whenever you feel afraid to take action. I have a tool to help you do that which I call…

The Three Questions That Defeat Fear:

Ask yourself these three questions in this order:

Question 1: “Am I in any danger right now?” If the answer is NO…

Question 2: “Is it VERY likely that what I’m worried about will actually happen?” If the answer is NO…

Question 3: “Am I better off imagining how everything will go wrong or imagining how everything will go right?”

Start your mind movie completely over, but this time, play it out where everything works out in your favor. Are you just kidding yourself? Maybe. But because your fear takes place in an unwritten future, you might as well use your imagination to help yourself rather than scare yourself. 

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