How to Defeat Self-Doubt in 3 Steps

How to Defeat Self-Doubt in 3 Steps
How to Defeat Self-Doubt in 3 Steps

How to Defeat Self-Doubt in 3 Steps

Self-doubt seems like such an odd attribute of our psyche. 

When we’re about to do something amazing and step into our true greatness, the words “I can’t” suddenly pop up. These words drain our determination when we need it the most.

If we’re focused and determined to accomplish something, our consciousness should be helping. But instead, it warns us of impending doom.

It takes a great deal of mental determination to alter our thinking. This goes way beyond the idea of thinking happy thoughts or telling yourself you can do it. Those types of methods are always only short-term fixes. The real solution involves a bit of strange trickery.

How to Defeat Self-Doubt in 3 Steps

Step 1) Slow it way down.

Be kind to yourself. Don’t pursue your dreams like a parent throwing a child into the water to teach him to swim. You’ll only traumatize yourself. Ease into action and give yourself a long timeline for success. Don’t judge or berate yourself for it. Starting slow will prevent those self-preservation alarms from going off.

Step 2) Give yourself abundant gold stars.

Never tell yourself that you’re not doing enough. You’re only setting yourself up for exhaustion and discouragement. Instead, honor every accomplishment no matter how small or incremental. Take it easy and let a campaign of encouragement build on itself. 

Step 3) Don’t compare, you’ll despair.

At some point, you’ll find yourself looking at others and feel like everyone else is doing better than you. And maybe they are, but have you thought of those that are behind you? Keep in mind that it’s not the speed at which you pursue your dream, it’s the determination you have to stick with it. Focus on your most important job: simply taking the next step.

Success is the ability from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm. Winston Churchill is famous for saying that. But more critical than staying enthusiastic is staying kind to yourself.

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