Getting Rid of ALL Your Fears

Getting Rid of ALL Your Fears

People ask me all the time, “How do I get rid of ALL my fears?” 

Fears are a strange thing. Having overcome hundreds of fears throughout my life, I can tell you for sure that you can’t simply attack your fears head-on and expect them to go away. 

So here’s what I do with my clients, and it works every time. 

There’s a Monster in the House!

Take out a piece of paper and draw a picture of a monster. You don’t have to be a great artist. Any drawing will work. 

Next, tape that picture on a wall in your house. 

Now, every time you walk by that picture, stop and scream, “That monster’s gonna eat me!” I’m not even kidding about this.

The Grand Illusion.

I know this sounds completely stupid, right? Why should you be afraid of something that you created and you know isn’t real. 

But that’s what all your fears are. An illusion. Yes, ALL of your fears. They are all something you created in your imagination, and then you convinced yourself those imaginary things are real. 

Still, it doesn’t change the fact that all your fears are self-created illusions.

Real Fears VS. Unreal Fears. Unreal Wins.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Some fears are real, aren’t they?”

If someone breaks into your house and pulls a gun on you, that’s a real fear. step on a rattlesnake, that’s a real fear. If you get a life-threatening disease, that’s definitely a real fear. 

Everyone would agree that all those are real fears! 

But are they? 

Your fears are never about the things happening in the actual moment when you are feeling afraid. Your fears are always about a future that you are imagining, and hope doesn’t happen. 

If someone pulled a gun on you, it’s not the gun making you afraid. You’re afraid of getting shot in the future. If you step on a rattlesnake, you’re afraid of getting bit in the future. 

If your doctor said you might have a life-threatening disease, it would be natural to feel afraid of dying. But right then, at that moment, you are still very much alive. 

In all these scenarios, it’s the future you’re imagining that’s creating all your fears. 

We Can’t All Be Like Mr. Spock.

On the TV show Star Trek, the iconic character Mr. Spock was someone who had suppressed all his emotions and only responded to logic. Unfortunately, we can’t simply turn off our fears like Mr. Spock. 

The simple fact is, you wouldn’t want to stop feeling fear even if you could. Can you imagine crossing a busy intersection or merging onto the highway without feeling fear? 

You wouldn’t last a week!

Our fears are powerful emotions designed to help us anticipate future problems that might hurt us. We need them to stay alive.

Focusing Your Mind

However, what you can do is practice focusing your mind on separating out the terrifying future you are imagining and what’s actually happing at the moment that you are feeling fear.

Take a breath. Look around. You’ll notice that nothing bad is occurring. It’s natural to consider the bad things that might happen but make sure you don’t get too lost in that grand illusion.

And finally, remember this. Most of the things you’re afraid of happening never actually happen. Think about it. Your fear of heights, your fear of disease, even your fear of ending up homeless– none of these have ever come true. 

Chances are they never will. Is it really worth the worry?

Taking The Next Step

Your fears are no more real than the monster you taped up on your wall. Rip them down. Throw them away. They aren’t real. That’s how you get rid of your fears. 

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