Four Steps to Feeling Ready When You Don’t Feel Ready

Four Steps to Feeling Ready When You Don't Feel Ready
Four Steps to Feeling Ready When You Don't Feel Ready

Four Steps to Feeling Ready When You Don’t Feel Ready

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business, quitting your job, getting married, traveling the world, or making some sort of life change but don’t quite feel ready, I have terrific news for you.

Ready? Here it is…

You will never FEEL ready.

Bummer right? But that’s the truth.

Here’s the GOOD News:

Knowing that you will never feel ready is fantastic news! Now you don’t have to hold out hope for it. 

When you’re about to take action on something new, you will likely feel completely unprepared. You will feel afraid.  You may even feel like a fraud. But you will not feel ready. 

But it’s the successful entrepreneurs who never let those feelings stop them from taking bold and immediate action.

The first time I went skydiving, I was excited but also a little scared. I become more nervous the higher the plane went. When the instructor rolled open the door, he could tell I was TERRIFIED.  I definitely didn’t feel ready.

He looked me in the eye and said, “Dan, you’re going to feel a lot better once you get out that door.”

That was the craziest thing I had ever heard. How was falling towards earth at 32 feet per second better than the safety of the plane?

But you know what?

He was 100% right.

When I jumped out of that plane, I felt wonderful. It was in that moment, I learned this valuable lesson that I still use every day: 

You will only feel ready AFTER you do what you’re most afraid of doing.

Would I have loved to have felt ready or courageous before I jumped? Absolutely! 

But the fact is, I wouldn’t know if the parachute would open until I left the safety of the aircraft. Falling towards the Earth is a lousy time to discover if I had a good parachute or not. 

But unfortunately, that’s the way it works. You do the thing you’re afraid of first and then you find out if it was a good idea or not. After the chute opened and after I was gently returned to the ground, I knew I had made a great decision.

It is in taking bold action that you discover just how courageous you are. 

So if you want to make a big life change and you’re waiting to feel ready, courageous, or calm about taking action, you’ll be waiting forever

Instead, you will feel fear, uncertainty, and have visions of ultimate doom until the very moment you decide to take that leap. So let me help with that. 

Here’s my blueprint for taking action when you DON’T feel ready:

Step One: Realize you’ll never feel ready. 

You’ll always be scared, and that’s okay. All you have to do is to be like Nike and JUST DO IT!

Step Two: Think of fear as excitement. 

They both feel the same way: your heart pounds, your palms become sweaty and your breath is shallow. Trick yourself into confidence by saying, “I’m not afraid. I’m just excited.” Your body won’t know the difference.

Step Three: Understand you’ll be fine regardless of the outcome. 

Think of all those times you feared doing something but did it anyway. The fact that you’re reading this now means it all worked out for you. If you take action, and it doesn’t work out, you can always fix it!

Step Four: Get a new perspective on your abilities. 

We often ‌underestimate how brave and capable we are because we tend to focus on our weaknesses so often that we forget our strengths. 

Ready to Rock? YES!

I’m Coach Dan Gordon. If you’re truly ready to get started on your path of wealth and unlimited success, CLICK HERE to book a 15-minute no-cost, no-stress consultation with me.

I will help you develop the courage to become the greatest version of yourself.

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