Five Ways to Boost Your Brand Engagement

Five Ways to Boost Your Brand Engagement
Five Ways to Boost Your Brand Engagement

Five Ways to Boost Your Brand Engagement

If you haven’t yet read “Building Your Personal Brand in Five Simple Steps,” I’d strongly advise you to check that out first. However, if you feel like you’ve done a solid job in establishing your brand already, read on!

It isn’t enough just to have a brand. You have to get people to it. It would be like having the world’s most powerful engine just sitting in your garage. What’s the point? We’ve got to put that thing in a car!

This is where brand engagement comes in. It’s for you to create and sustain brand loyalty in customers. Customers are constantly engaged, so companies can also increase their brand recognition.

Here’s how you can go about taking action on your brand:

1. Tell Emotional Stories:

People won’t always remember what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

Engage people’s hearts on your website, on your social media, and in every opportunity available. Tap into the wiring that makes people light up by telling stories that inspire and touch deeply. 

2. Learn From Your Audience:

It’s crucial that you know what your audience cares about.

Research how your audience interacts with your online properties. Seek out industry studies about your market.

For instance, SurveyMonkey allows you to buy an audience that you can survey. Doing research about your market has never been easier.

Back in 2015, people argued endlessly online whether a dress was black or blue.

The Salvation Army picked up on the “black and blue” topic and used it in a powerful ad to talk about domestic violence.  They leveraged the conversation that was already happening. 

Stay aware of current trends and use them to draw attention to your brand.

4. Use Only Custom Content:

People will know if what they’re reading is rehashed content.

Write content in your own voice and in your own style. Make every paragraph reflect the uniqueness of your brand. Produce something that generic content cannot replicate.

5. Champion Bold Initiatives:

Scour the internet for obscure stories of people doing great things. Align your brand with those initiatives. Don’t just create a post on Facebook and say, “We think this is great.”

Get involved and contribute. Showcase that your brand is all about human involvement

For instance, there is a company called Magic Wheel Chair that makes the most amazing custom wheelchairs for kids. Imagine how you could collaborate to help them help more children while you increase your brand value and engagement.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve learned to boost your brand engagement give your brand a review to see if it’s operating in tip-top shape. Take a look at my blog, A Checklist for Making your Brand ROCK!

Finally, if you want to see how to use your brand to promote YOU! Check out my other blog called  How to Use Your Brand to Marketing Yourself.

If this has been helpful, CLICK HERE to book a no-catch, no-cost, 15-minute consultation with me, and let me help rev up your game!

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