Five Steps to Beating Success Stress

Five Steps to Beating Success Stress

Whenever we do something new in business or life, even if it’s a great idea, we get hit with the fear of the unknown. In our minds, we start inventing scenarios of potential doom that paralyze us. 

It’s what I call SUCCESS STRESS.

Let’s explore why success stress happens and how to beat it!

Success Stress Scenario:

You’re working at your desk. Suddenly your startup partner rushes in, saying that your investor needs a report in an hour or they’ll pull your funding.

Immediately, a terrifying mind-movie starts running in your head. You see the report not getting done. The investor pulls your funding. Your company gets shut down. You go broke and end up living under a bridge. YIKES!

Now you’re so freaked out that you can’t even start working on the report.

Getting Real with Reality

In the real world, none of what you’re afraid of has happened. 

You still have an hour to finish your report. Even if you don’t finish it, you can probably smooth it over with your investor. Either way, you’re never going to end up homeless.

The reason you feel so afraid is because your stress doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality. It thinks your mind-movie is actually happening. That’s why you get so terrified.

What Do You Do Now?

First, rewrite the mind movie. Invent a different ending where you finish the report with time to spare. Or you tell the investor it’ll be done tomorrow, and they say, “No problem.” 

Sure it’s a made-up scenario, but so is the one where you end up living under a bridge, isn’t it? 

The result is that you’re much calmer. The problem-solving areas of your brain open up, and working on the report is so much easier.

Success Stress and Why We Feel It

As strange as it sounds, your mind conjures up these terrifying stories in an attempt to help you, not hurt you.

When your brain anticipates a problem, it tries to predict all the potential outcomes. Unfortunately, this prediction rarely works in your favor.

Most often, it responds like a frightened child, imagining only the worst possible scenarios. This triggers your flight-or-fight response, which makes you feel paralyzed.

Yet, fixing this problem is a lot easier than you might think.

The Five Steps to Beating Success Stress

1. Return to the present moment. 

Look around. Notice that nothing bad is happening at that moment. Realize that it’s just a poor prediction of the future. 

2. Open up your creativity. 

Consider better outcomes where everything works in your favor. Imagine things going outrageously instead of imagining things going to hell.

3. Challenge your mind movie. 

As you watch the mind movie of doom, say aloud to yourself, “This is NOT happening right now!”

4. Ask for help 

Call a friend, speak with a co-worker, partner, or work with a coach. When you get another brain in your game, you’ll be amazed how quickly they can provide simple solutions.

5. Consider your previous successes. 

Think of all the times in your life you achieved extraordinary things. Make a list and keep it handy. Read that list whenever your mind movies start up again.

Flip Your Movie Script

If you’re truly ready to beat success stress AND begin an adventure of a lifetime, book a no-stress, no-cost consultation with Coach Dan Gordon. 

Or simply text the word HELP to my cell phone at (213) 409-8366.

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