Building Your Brand in Seven Simple Steps

Building Your Brand in Seven Simple Steps
Building Your Brand in Seven Simple Steps

Building Your Brand in Seven Simple Steps

Let’s be honest. Everything you need to know about branding is readily available online, so I’m not going to paint some information a new color and claim to be the originator.

Instead, I’m going to show you what you can’t find online: what it truly is and how to use command influence, thought dynamics, and the human decision-making engine to make your brand stand out.

Sound good? Let’s begin.

To make your brand work, think of it as a personality. We humans constantly connect with things we want and choose connections best suited for us based on gut choice that has zero bearing on logic so you should inspire emotional responses for consumers to form relationships with only your product.

Take a look at these names:

  • Harley-Davidson doesn’t sell motorcycles. They sell the American ideal of freedom. 
  • Southwest Airlines doesn’t sell air travel. They sell the feeling of having fun in the sky.
  • Starbucks doesn’t sell coffee. They sell a living room away from home where you enjoy a special treat.

A brand is based on the unique way it shows up in the marketplace – its personality that attracts the correct buyers. Without it, you only have a thing, not a brand.

So here are my Seven Steps to Building Your Brand.

Step 1) Spocking It:

List all the technical details of what you do to get them out of your system because brands have nothing to do with that. 

Step 2) That’s How You Roll:

Examine how you do what you do in a wholly unique way that no one else can duplicate. TED, United Airlines’ version of Southwest Airlines, failed because they couldn’t replicate Southwest’s quality and personality. 

Step 3) Who’s Your Crew?:

You have three markets to consider. 

  • Your Primary Market: Those who love what you do in the way that you do it. 
  • Your Secondary Market: Those who may occasionally partake in your offering. 
  • Your Hater Market: Those who don’t like what you sell. Know who they are so your brand is constantly pushing them away.

Step 4) Through the Looking-Glass:

What do your clients want and what’s important to them? Impart what you think and how what you do can benefit them.

Step 5) Falling in Love:

Examine the levels of emotional fulfillment you provide. A Tesla owner isn’t just buying a vehicle but also making a statement. Their emotional satisfaction comes from feeling important.

Step 6) The Drama: 

Write the story of how you triumphed and came to provide this excellent and unique service to the world. After all, the fascinating part of any superhero movie is the origin.

Step 7) Deployment:

Promote your brand online and in person with a perfect, unbroken chain of words, graphics, and media expressions.

What’s Next?

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