A Checklist for Making your Brand ROCK!

A Checklist for Making your Brand ROCK!
A Checklist for Making your Brand ROCK!

A Checklist for Making your Brand ROCK!

Why are BIG brands like Apple, McDonald’s, AT&T, and others able to capture their audience so well? 

It’s not just the millions they spend on marketing. It’s the messaging tools they use in that marketing. The good news is, you can use those tools as well!

If you haven’t yet read my Seven Steps in Building Your Brand, I’d encourage you to check it out first.

Yet, once you’ve established your personal brand, review this checklist to make sure it’s rock solid!

Coach Dan’s Rock Solid Branding Checklist

Check 1: Have you established your primary market? Have you made it easy for them to, not just appreciate what you do, but the unique way in which you do it?

Check 2: Have you established a market that isn’t right for you? Who are the ones you don’t want as customers? 

These are the ones who will take up most of your time and provide you with very little income. Is your brand designed to push them away?

Check 3: What is the deep emotional satisfaction you provide your market that has nothing to do with your product? 

For instance, a Tesla is just a car but it makes its owners feel unique and special.

Check 4: Have you created your origin story? This is the unique and captivating story about how you came to do the amazing things you do.

Check 5: Does your brand intrigue people? Does it make people curious? When they hear about your brand are they inspired to learn more? If not, you’re probably sharing the technical details of what you do. 

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve completed your checklist, you need to engage people! Check out my blog called  Five Ways to Boost Your Brand Engagement

Finally, did you know you can use a brand to market YOURSELF, not just your business? Read my blog, How to Use Your Brand to Market YOURSELF.

If this has been helpful, CLICK HERE to book a no-catch, no-cost, 15-minute consultation with me, and let me help rev up your game!

You can also listen to my free audiobook Success Mindset to access your inner superhero: Stream it HERE

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