3 Things to Think About BEFORE Making a BIG Decision

3 Things to Think About BEFORE Making a BIG Decision

Whenever you’re making a big decision, it’s always hard to know if you’re making the right choice.  It’s just as easy to think yourself into a bad decision that could leave you in ruins as it is to think yourself out of a great decision that could have improved your life. 

Here are the Three Thinking Tools I teach all my clients that help them make the best choices whenever they’re “thinking about it.”

The Debby Downer Syndrome

First, know this. Your brain will always focus on the potential negative outcomes rather than the positive ones. It’s just the way our minds work.

So when you’re making a big decision, you must be careful not to Debby Downer yourself into imagining ONLY the worst possible scenarios. Instead, allow yourself to imagine the best possible outcomes as well. It’s essential to maintain this balance.

Thinking Tool #1: The Value Proposition.

When considering a big purchase, before asking yourself, “Can I AFFORD it?” start by asking yourself, “How much VALUE will I get?” 

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to buy it. It just means that before you say NO, you must consider all the ways this purchase could enhance your life. 

If there is an overwhelming benefit that would MORE than justify the cost, focus your mind on unique ways you could potentially create the money.

Remember, no one ever says, “I can’t afford it,” to a life-saving operation. If the value is high enough, you will find a way to pay.

Thinking Tool #2: The Long-Term Benefits.

Whether you’re considering an expensive outfit or an expensive meal, you need to determine if the purchase will produce long-term benefits. 

Will the outfit hold up in the wash or stay in fashion? Will the meal be an experience that creates wonderful memories?

This Thinking Tool works for other big decisions as well. If you’re offered a new job, ask them about their long-term career path. You’re considering marriage, ask yourself if they have the ability to resolve complicated issues likely to come up years in the future.

If you’re considering a business coach, your coach should have a long-term plan for growing your income. Not just while you’re paying them, but for the rest of your life. 

I’d never hire a coach who didn’t have that plan.

Thinking Tool #3:  Will This Make Me Happier? 

It seems pretty basic, but most people get so wrapped up in whether or not they can afford something, they forget about this most important principle. 

If you’re considering a big choice or big purchase, the person offering it to you must be able to prove that it’s going to make you happier. 

Ask a business coach, “How will your coaching make me happier?” Ask an employer, “How will this job make me happier? Even ask your waiter, how will tonight’s special make me happier?

Make them responsible for proving that the decision they want you to make will make you happier. If they can’t do that or, worse yet, if they try to put that responsibility on you, walk away!

Taking The Next Step

When thinking about a big decision, first, make sure it brings value to your life. Make sure it offers long-term benefits. And most of all, make sure that it will make you happier. 

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