The Real Jason Duncan

Join Coach Dan Gordon as he talks with the honest Jason Duncan, a former teacher-turned-millionaire entrepreneur. Jason shares his inspiring journey from losing his teaching job to building a multimillion-dollar business using the Exciter Operating System (XOS. Learn about his unique approach to entrepreneurship, balancing work and family, and his mission to help others achieve financial freedom. This episode is packed with valuable insights for entrepreneurs looking to break free from daily operations and lead a balanced life.

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: How did you transition from an unemployed teacher to an entrepreneur?
A1: I initially sought another teaching position after losing my teaching job. When that didn’t pan out, I explored entrepreneurship, eventually creating a business focused on LED lighting retrofits, which quickly became successful.
Q2: What role did faith play in your entrepreneurial journey?
A2: Faith was crucial. My wife and I believed that despite our circumstances, everything would be okay. This underlying faith kept us going during tough times, trusting that we would be provided for.
Q3: What’s the most prominent mistake entrepreneurs make when scaling their businesses?
A3: The biggest mistake is believing they are scalable as owner-operators. True scalability comes when you move from owner-operator to owner-investor, allowing the business to run without your constant involvement.
Q4: How do you define proper delegation in a business?
A4: True delegation involves assigning, trusting, and empowering someone to handle tasks on your behalf. It’s not about micromanaging or abdicating responsibility but empowering your team to succeed.
Q5: What is the concept behind your nonprofit vision?
A5: Our nonprofit aims to tackle poverty by supporting one individual at a time, providing them with mentorship, resources, and funding to start and sustain their own business, thus changing their family’s future.

Five Badass Quotes
1. Start now. The ‘how’ will reveal itself along the way.
2. Owner-operators must be more scalable; businesses need systems and teams.
3. True delegation is about empowering others, not micromanaging.
4. Faith means trusting that everything will be okay, even without all the data.
5. We create our realities through what we think and feel.

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Transitioning from a job to entrepreneurship requires faith and perseverance.
2. Entrepreneurs must shift from owner-operators to owner-investors for true scalability.
3. Delegation involves trusting and empowering your team, not just assigning tasks.
4. Mindset is critical: believing in your team and having a growth mindset is essential.
5. Tackling poverty through focused entrepreneurship can create lasting change.
Part 7: Contact Info
Contact Info
Jason Duncan’s website: therealjasonduncan. com/xos
Text XOS to 213-409-8366 for more information

0:00 Introduction
3:04 Jason’s Background and Journey
4:44 Facing Identity and Career Changes
7:07 The Role of Faith
10:34 Starting the LED Lighting Business
14:48 Mistakes in Scaling Businesses
16:48 Importance of Delegation
20:45 Common Delegation Mistakes
27:28 Tackling Poverty Through Entrepreneurship
31:17 Learning about XOS

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