Stormy Simon

Join Coach Dan Gordon as he interviews Stormy Simon, former president of and a trailblazer in the cannabis industry. Stormy shares her unconventional journey from a welfare mom to leading a billion-dollar company, offering insights on facing fear, embracing failure, and following your passion. Learn how she revolutionized customer service, broke corporate norms, and made bold career shifts. This episode is packed with actionable advice and inspiring stories to challenge you to take fearless steps toward success. Don’t miss this chance to unlock the secrets of unlimited life!

Five Badass Q&As
Q1: How do you handle the fear of taking significant risks?
A1: By following my curiosity and feeding my soul. Mistakes are part of the journey, and each step, even the wrong ones, helps you move forward.
Q2: What advice did your mom give you that stuck with you?
A2: My mom always said, “Do something, even if it’s wrong.” This taught me to keep moving and not fear mistakes.
Q3: How did you break out of the blue-collar mindset from your upbringing?
A3: By seeing tasks that needed to be done and doing them. I brought this proactive attitude to the workplace, which helped me gain a wide range of experiences at Overstock.
Q4: What made you transition from Overstock to the cannabis industry?
A4: I was fascinated by the end of prohibition, the potential of plant medicine, and the opportunity to innovate in an uncharted industry.
Q5: How do you deal with self-doubt?
A5: I acknowledge it, but don’t let it control me. It’s essential to care less about what others think and more about staying true to yourself and your goals.

Five Badass Quotes
1. Positivity can include fear.
2. The people who annoy you the most are your best resource for becoming the most excellent version of yourself.
3. If you see a job that needs to be done, it’s yours.
4. Do something, even if it’s wrong.
5. Care less about self-doubt and more about moving forward.

Five Badass Takeaways
1. Curiosity and passion drive success more than avoiding mistakes.
2. Embrace unconventional paths and follow your truth.
3. Mistakes are essential for growth; keep moving forward.
4. Success often requires breaking norms and taking risks.
5. Self-doubt is natural, but it shouldn’t hinder your progress.

Contact Info
Stormy Simon:
Instagram: @stormysimon
Twitter: @stormysimon

00:11 Intro by Dan Gordon
00:42 Coach Dan Gordon’s opening remarks
01:12 Dan’s conversation with Stormy Simon begins
11:01 Stormy Simon’s background and journey
18:30 Discussing challenges and overcoming fear
28:46 Moving from job to job and embracing change
55:09 Radical steps and career transitions
01:08:02 Innovating in customer service at Overstock
01:17:26 Running for office and inspiring change

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